#7 Celebrating Broadacre House, building networks, and how to tie your shoe laces

Here are a few things I thought were worth sharing this time…

1. Celebrating Broadacre House

I’m excited to share the Northern Creative Solutions (NCS) annual review. NCS is a charity that works to make creative use of empty space and we run Broadacre House in Newcastle. The annual review tells the story of Broadacre House and NCS so far and helps us celebrate what we’ve achieved together. I’m the chair of NCS and I’m so proud of the hard work of our staff, volunteers, trustees, tenants and everyone else who has been connected with the building and helped to make it come to life.

The infographic below is from the annual review and shows some of our numbers from September 2014 when we signed our lease. I’m amazed that 25 voluntary groups, charities and social enterprises have set up shop in Broadacre House and that we had over 48,000 visitors in 18 months.

I hope you enjoy reading the annual review (it’s only four pages so is a quick read). If you’d like to visit, let me know and I’ll be delighted to show you around. You can find out more about our meeting rooms and offices on our website.

2. People doing stuff together

For me people doing stuff together is collaborating, networking and community building. And for me doing stuff together is the only we are going to make lasting change for the people and communities we care about. We can’t do this alone because the issues are too complex and too big.

I’ve been reading and learning that to create intentional networks that drive impact we need to (from Kumu blog part 1 and part 2)

  1. Align around shared purpose and values
  2. Know the stage of your network
  3. Act intentionally to strengthen your network
  4. Hold each other accountable to working like a network
  5. Wait to add structure until you need it
  6. Don’t underestimate the challenge

And there are four principles of a healthy network

  1. Trust not control: healthy networks are built on a foundation of mutual respect and integrity. Focus on building long-term, trust-based relationships
  2. Humility not brand: early network leaders deliberately move into the background and develop leadership capacity throughout many people in the network
  3. Node not hub: recognize that you are few among many working on the system, and use the network as the primary vehicle for delivering impact
  4. Mission not organisation: put interests of peers and the network ahead of your own or that of your organisation

If you’d like to build your own personal network, the tips from word wrangler, Karen Wickre, will be right up your street: be helpful, keep in loose touch, weak ties are important, make good referrals, network not social network and make introductions carefully.

If you’d like to talk more about collaboration, come along to Collaboration Superheroes, a network I host with Robert Laycock all about collaboration. Our next meet up is in September and I’ll share the date soon.

3. What’s in my diary

I’m going to/helping out at/hosting a few things in August and September 2016 that you might be interested in too. And between them you’ll get a chance to be challenged, to learn and to dream big. You need to register for all of them.

I might see you there!

4. And finally…

…how to tie your shoe laces…especially for those of you whose laces are always coming undone. A funny and very helpful three minute talk.

Terry Moore: How to tie your shoes, TED 2005

Cheerio for now!


August 2016

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