Introducing the New Gravity Works

New website, new branding, same level of service.

After a long year of planning, designing, and overthinking, we are thrilled to share some big news with our friends and colleagues (drum roll please). Gravity Works has rebranded and launched a new website! It’s the largest business transformation in our 9-year history, and we’re thrilled to take this next big step.

“We felt our branding no longer reflected the direction that our business is headed,” said Jeff McWherter. “We’re taking on larger clients, expanding our services, and operating in new markets across the country. It was important to everyone that the new branding remained authentic to our culture, but we also wanted it to reflect our maturity and stability as a thriving Lansing business.”

Part of Gravity Works’ culture is to find new avenues for growth. We’re always looking for ways to evolve, expand our services, and provide greater value to our clients. This rebranding effort has been a chance for us to take a step back, evaluate who we are, discuss where we want to be, and form a strategic plan to get there.

As part of our rebranding effort, we are introducing a new logo design. Since our founding in 2009, our logo has remained more or less the same. The gear shape has become part of our heritage and identity. The latest evolution of the Gravity Works gear has an industrial, rust belt vibe. We wanted the logo to reflect a hardworking, midwest business, while still feeling fun, forward-thinking, and inviting.

The second part of this project was to redesign the company website, placing a larger emphasis on you — our amazing clients, community, and friends. The goal with this project is to showcase the great things our clients are doing with web and mobile technology. We want to celebrate these stories and encourage other businesses to find the same success.

Here’s what a couple of our team members had to say about this sometimes exhausting but totally worth it endeavor.

“Redesigning our website allowed our team to take all the conversations we were already having about our logo rebrand and use them to showcase our new project launches in a more visually-appealing, interactive format. We pushed ourselves to create customizable layouts and thoughtful animations based on characteristics of our new brand, while still committing to the same accessibility and usability standards we uphold when working with our clients. I think it resulted in one of the most adventurous, engaging, and fun websites I’ve worked on at Gravity Works so far.

―Kurt Trowbridge, Front-End Developer

“To me, this redesign meant an opportunity to realign our brand with our core values and celebrate our culture.”

-Steve Jencks, Creative Director

“This website redesign was a large group effort. There were many internal conversations throughout the process about what we wanted to accomplish, but mostly we wanted the website to help us connect and engage in a more compelling, authentic way.

―Hailey Whisler, Content Strategist/Writer

On behalf of all of us at Gravity Works, thank you for supporting our business through the years (almost a decade). In many ways, this rebranding effort symbolizes an exciting turning point in our business, and we’re thankful to the people who have helped us get here.

We invite you to check out the new Gravity Works website and branding at

Here’s a sneak peek.