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Letter sent on Aug 1, 2016

Day 63: Office space

A view of our office from the street (Cobble Hill, Brooklyn)

Today’s our first day in our first official office! I had no intention of getting office space when we first started. I like working from home or coffee shops, and I didn’t want to spend unnecessary money on office space if we didn’t have to. But two things changed that: 1.) we’ve decided to do fulfillment ourselves; and 2.) an opportunity to get awesome, inexpensive office space presented itself.

Mac has worked out of a studio at The Invisible Dog in the Cobble Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn since it opened in 2009. The Invisible Dog, according to their own account, is a raw space in a vast converted factory building with a charmed history and an open-ended mission: to create, from the ground up, a new kind of interdisciplinary arts center. As a professional photographer, The Invisible Dog has been a great space for Mac. Everyone in the space is a creative working on everything from art, to film, to fashion, and often times people will collaborate on projects. The entire environment is very friendly, open, and cool.

Mac’s studio space at The Invisible Dog

Mac’s studio space at The Invisible Dog is quaint — and perfect for what we need. So when the person who was subletting part of the studio from Mac decided to leave and Mac was ready to put a posting up to find a new subletter, I thought to myself that we should use the studio as offices for Scale Denim. The studio is just big enough to fit the three of us plus it allows us to do fulfillment right out of the studio. With it being 25 feet long, we can comfortably fit three desks towards one side of the room and use the walls on the other side to put up shelving to stock our inventory.

The studio’s long layout provides the perfect dimensions for our needs

The only other thing we were contemplating was using an office of a family friend to do fulfillment. They were willing to give it to us for free but we couldn’t use it as our office to work out of. We’d have to go after office hours in the evening to do fulfillment, which would be kind of a pain. After weighing the pros and cons of having our own offices with fulfillment vs a free space, it was clear that we all wanted the studio space so we could be together. It’s a great price, a great location, and a great space to build our company. And that’s how we lucked into office space almost on a whim.

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