The end of the road for Remedy

Victor Echevarria
Jul 14, 2017 · 2 min read

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the end of Remedy today.

Above all, we want to thank our members for giving us the opportunity to help them. We helped people avoid bankruptcy, recover over-payments, and reduce the financial fear associated with healthcare. In total, we saved our members hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past two years, but we encountered obstacles in the healthcare system that prevented us from building a viable business. Until the industry begins respecting the rights people have to their own information, it will remain difficult for individuals and their agents to be vigilant against baseless medical bill overcharges.

Along the way though, we amassed a treasure trove of learnings that can help people to help themselves more effectively. We’ve written a number of guides to help you navigate the healthcare system and try to find savings yourself. We believe this information should be freely available to everyone, and we hope you find it useful as you navigate the unfriendly patient billing experience.

How to negotiate a medical bill

How to estimate the cost of a medical procedure

How to eliminate errors on your medical bill

“This is not a bill”: Demystifying the Explanation of Benefits

The Elusive Itemized Medical Bill

What can I expect when I go to the Emergency Room?

Two of our medical billing specialists have also expressed interest in helping anyone that may want help negotiating their bills. I can’t speak more highly of the service they can offer you:

  • Patricia Little: Patricia has been in the medical insurance field for 30 years. She has held many positions within healthcare, such as Insurance Claims Adjuster, Accounts Receivable Supervisor, Medical Record Auditor, Coder, Biller and Instructor.
  • Charlie Cecil: Charlie has been a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist for over 35 years.

Marija, John, Andy, Stan, Shaun, Elbret, and Daniel, thank you for sharing in this adventure. Working with you all has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

I wish we could have brought our service to everyone in the country, giving a voice to people largely ignored by the financial ecosystem of healthcare. But I am thankful for the two years we spent together as a team and the little, but meaningful help we were able to offer.

Thanks again for everything,

Victor Echevarria
CEO, Remedy Labs

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