Domesticating the Home Intelligence

Ezgi Sabir

Ezgi Sabir
Dec 16, 2016 · 4 min read

It was impossible to not see the bright red sign by the entrance.

“Thank you for coming to the parents meet up! Remember, your kid is our priority.” -Staff from the Kindergarten

One of the moms with the gorgeous hair looked happy to see a fellow mom sitting next to her.

— Darling, how are you today? *kiss kiss* Once again, it’s the same faces attending the meet up… What are the other people doing with all their time, I don’t understand — so irresponsible. The other day, my girl was talking about this strange kid who joined their class recently. Her name must be Agnes, I believe. Have you also heard about her? My Ella told me that she is such a rebel. I heard that she disagreed with the teacher several times during classes. Apparently, they have an artificial box at their house and it’s been asking the little girl for her opinions all the time. That’s why she is so eager to tell what she thinks at school as well. What strange times we live in!

— Oh yes, I know that Agnes! I’ve actually met with her parents at the last meeting. They seem to be very “hip and relaxed”. Haha. Her dad is a technologist at this big company and her mom is an artist, I think their names are Karl and Frida. They seem to be quite young as well.

— I bet they are! That kid needs to learn some manners. Do you think it is because of this AI they have at home?

— Well, Frida told me only wonderful things about it. Like how it brought awareness to their daily lives and how charming this thing is. It’s name is something like you can train… Ah, yes, Domestic!

— I don’t know about that one but I wouldn’t bring any of those things to my home after the AHP(Autonomous Home Package) crash. Remember how everyone brought AHP’s to their homes last year without thinking for a second and it got out of control? My sister-in-law is still in the middle of a law suit with them. It made so many false assumptions about her and Johan that when they came back from their summer vacation, they got a nasty surprise. The silly thing changed every setting at their house and ordered all this baby stuff, even though they don’t have any! They say their AHP have overheard their conversation on a potential future baby they might have and assumed that they already have it!

— Ah, those AHP’s were a real disaster! You know, when I was in Prague over Easter, I saw the ads for AHP! Apparently, the news didn’t go that far and they haven’t banned those silly things there yet.

— Huh, it’s their turn to learn, darling!

— Domestic sounds quite different than AHP’s, in fact. Frida told me that they see it almost like another family member, like another one of them. She said the first day they got it, it felt like just another thing they’ve bought for the house. But few weeks later, it was already aware of some very thoughtful things about them. That’s all because the family have been talking to it!

— But are you really fine with the fact that your little girl can talk to a “box” without you by her side?

— I might be fine with it, to be honest. The other day, my oven was talking to my little girl, saying how many times it has been used this week. It’s all because I turned on the “overview” feature. You know I’m doing this diet for some time now and I want to be reminded if I’m cooking at home often. There are so many things in my house that’s talking, just because me and Adam turned it “on”. So Ella has already been exposed to all this talk. And none of them is interesting to her at all… It’s all for me and Adam. Now that I have all these objects talking to us, I don’t mind if they were also trying to get to know us…

Future Domestic Landscape

Design Fictions from the MFA Interaction Design programme, Umeå Institute of Design, 2015–2017.

Ezgi Sabir

Written by

Future Domestic Landscape

Design Fictions from the MFA Interaction Design programme, Umeå Institute of Design, 2015–2017.

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