The Last Village

Anton Löf & Mike Kirk Andersen

Anton Löf
Dec 16, 2016 · 5 min read

Scandinavia 2036, one of the most urbanised areas in the world. Over 95% of the population lives in the large city regions. A highly educated and specialised workforce leads to fewer places where people can actually live and still work. Commuting and transportation happens via a node based network leading to urban islands separated by vast areas of empty land.

The city is characterised by cooperation and constant development. You have to be prepared to constantly move in a shifting landscape where prices fluctuate and living spaces are flexible. People rarely stay in one place longer than five years and digital communication is the main way to keep in contact with friends and family. Among the population many still have a strong connections to nature. Memories of childhood summers spent outdoors motivates people to leave the city to explore the countryside. Fresh air, clean water and clear skies attracts city dwellers to experience the unknown and disconnected. To meet the demand for recreational living, companies have started to buy and renovate old empty farmhouses. These are sold with the promise of a simpler life and come prepared for people longing for emptiness, clean water and personal space.

To create a home that feels traditional these companies recycles old products and enhance them with new hardware. It is somehow limited in what it can do so instead every product focuses on performing based on their original function. A window can open and close, the same for a door. A fridge keeps your groceries cold and make sure you have what you need. To communicate with its inhabitants or provide information from the outside world the home uses a radio or old TV. To make the experience authentic the objects and the house incorporates basic values on the countryside. Sometimes in sharp contrast to the city life. It trusts its neighbours and are in tune with the surrounding nature. Space and time is not an issue but access to commodities and services are. This is part of the experience.

Our story follows a young couple that just bought an home in the last village. One of the leading second home providers right now.


A young couple stands together on the street in front of a house holding up a BROCHURE. There is groceries bags and suit cases resting at the ground.

ADAM (late 20s) in dark clothes. He smiles and waves to the camera.

SIMONE (late 20s) also in dark clothes holds the BROCHURE, smiling. She also waves to the camera.

The BROCHURE shows an animated advertisement about holiday houses in the last village.


ADAM and SIMONE steps inside the house and put down their bags. It is all dark inside the house. ADAM and SIMONE is looking around and waiting for lights to turn on.

ADAM claps his hands looking up towards the ceiling.

SIMONE Lights on.

Silence followed by a NOTIFICATION SOUND. THE RADIO a smart home hub in form of an 50’s transistor radio turns on, samples old broadcasts and plays a message.

THE RADIO (O.S.) Hit the lights! Push the contact behind you!

SIMONE and ADAM spins around trying to find the light switch.

SIMONE finds the switch and flicks it. The lights turn on. ADAM and SIMONE smile at each other feeling a bit stupid.

THE RADIO (O.S.) Hurray!

ADAM Oh, it’s a regular button in this house.

SIMONE I guess so.

ADAM and SIMONE walks deeper in to the house.

ADAM and SIMONE stands together and look towards THE RADIO which stands in a corner.

THE RADIO lights up and plays another message.

THE RADIO Good evening ladies and gentlemen of the radio audience. My promise is to help you and your family.

ADAM Oh, It’s the home that talks through the radio!

SIMONE Hmm, I think you are right.

THE RADIO turns on again sampling applause.

THE RADIO Thank you! Thank you very much.


SIMONE is standing at the sink drinking water while ADAM loads groceries in to the fridge.

SIMONE (to ADAM) Don’t you want any of this incredible tap water. None filtered you know.

ADAM shakes head.

ADAM (re: SIMONE) No no, I’m fine.

ADAM hands a pack of eggs to SIMONE. The eggs slips and SIMONE drops them at the floor. The eggs crack making a mess.

ADAM Ok, no lunch then I guess.

SIMONE I’m sorry, I will clean it up.

NOTIFICATION SOUND and the fridge magnets start to rearrange themselves. Spelling out, I WILL ASK CONNOR IF HE HAVE EGGS. Neither SIMONE or ADAM notices.


ADAM and SIMONE sit at the dinner table. Drinking water and talking when someone knocks at the door. Both SIMONE and ADAM are a bit confused. They don’t expect any visitors. SIMONE looks over at THE RADIO.

SIMONE (to THE RADIO) Who’s at the door?

NOTIFICATION SOUND but THE RADIO does not react. They hear the the door opening and closing. All of a sudden there is a strange man standing in the kitchen.

STRANGE MAN Hi, I heard you needed eggs.

ADAM Oh, yeah. (pause) Yes, well. We just dropped ours.

The STRANGE MAN walks over to the fridge and places the eggs inside. He then turns around reaches over to ADAM, shakes his hand and says.


CONNOR (30’s) is a local to the last village. He lives there full time and is a bit to comfortable with the silence. He is also used to his home telling him where to go and when.

CONNOR shakes SIMONES hand, grabs a chair and sits down at the table.

SIMONE Please sit down. Do you want a glass of water?

CONNOR Yes please.

SIMONE pours a glass of water from the kitchen tap while ADAM sits down opposite of CONNOR and waits for SIMONE to join him.


SIMONE grabs two glasses of water. Offers one to CONNOR and keeps the other for herself. She sits down by the table and in silence starts drinking the water. CONNOR also sips on his water.

CONNOR (to himself) Nice place this.

SIMONE So CONNOR so how is the weather today?

NOTIFICATION SOUND and the curtains automatically opens. ADAM and SIMONE turns around to look outside. CONNOR points and nods.

ADAM Yeah.


SIMONE So do you know anything about tomorrows weather?

NOTIFICATION SOUND and THE RADIO turns on again tuning in and searching for stations. Everyone at the table turns and looks at it.

THE RADIO Now time for the weather, here is Tim with the report. Tomorrow is gonna be cloudy and cold. Snow could fall in the afternoon.

CONNOR nods and drinks some water. SIMONE also sips on her water while the silence intensifies.


Future Domestic Landscape

Design Fictions from the MFA Interaction Design programme, Umeå Institute of Design, 2015–2017.

Anton Löf

Written by

Future Domestic Landscape

Design Fictions from the MFA Interaction Design programme, Umeå Institute of Design, 2015–2017.

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