Wherever, whenever

I’ll be, me


Here’s what’s hard. I love my job. Not always but sometimes, as a lawyer. I love helping people. I love going for lunch, making difficult things simple. I love my salary, my car, my extra legal benefits. I love my boss. Not always but sometimes, he invests in me. I invest in me. We make a team. Together.

Here’s what’s soft. I love yoga. Meditation, movement, art. I love to see what comes up when I no longer think, but feel, talk, but listen. I love my intuition. I love to listen to that quiet voice from within, telling me to stop, wait, and see. What’s next? It’s not in the books. It’s in the stars. It’s everywhere but here, anywhere but now. It’s in the future. An unforeseeable future. Because that’s what it is, always. Unsure. Uncertain. Unclear.

Relax, nothing is under control

We’ll see what comes up, what’s next. Wherever, whenever I’ll be, me.

And so it is.

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