A Good Life
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A Good Life

With people inquiring more time on a cell phone and less time on the world around them. We have watched truly important moments in peoples lives become just a faded memory used to show people how much fun it was to do that event. Everyone enjoys showing off. No one wants to enjoy the moment anymore.

Let’s talk about the three most important core values in human life. Not just the values that society pushes us to believe are core but the ones that anyone around the world holds. I’m talking about the big three as a I call them. The big three values that every human in any society shares even if the society is not educated to world class standards. Its funny that people are easy to dismiss third world countries as uneducated and not capable of their own survival. The problem isn’t that they are uneducated. The problem is that they value other ways of life than the educated society does.

What does that mean? What am I really saying? What are core values? Why does every human being have them? Let me begin with this statement “Humans are naturally capable of creating, evolving, and learning at a rate that no other species can attest to.” By this standard humans are naturally made to learn and to create but we are naturally aware of the world. However, after being civilized for as long as we have there are now numerous materials that can come around and distract us from life.

My three major core values are the ones that are necessary when it comes to life. Any walk of life.

1. Happiness

It is funny that in a world so devoted to running for money that we lose track of this value. It becomes interlaced with the need “If only — I had this-” When you look at third world countries there are happy people, and there are sad people just like in a civilized state. Happiness is not achievable. We can gain it and we can’t earn it. Our mind is where it starts and our mind is where it ends.

The reason this is a humanity core values is that no matter what society a person is in they understand the feeling of smiling, and happy. You can’t obtain that by chasing for it. It just does not work that way which is why there are millionaires that are sad or suicidal in our society. You can’t buy something that comes from within no matter how much Americanized society says it is so.

2. Purpose

Purpose is a value to all creatures. Not just humans. Thus its a core value of humanity. But humans have a harder time finding it than any other creature out there. We have a hard time finding the distinction between survival needs and cultural needs. Our cultural needs have over taken survival needs and this has made us learn that when we lose our purpose in society we lose who we are. Hence, suicide and drugs.

You can’t lead a dog to water if he doesn’t know what water is. This is the same idea for purpose. Our life purpose is ever changing like the sky. We never truly have one set purpose but we know there is a purpose written in our DNA. Its just finding it gets trickier within a society that is obtaining to options rather than needs.

3. Love

If you ever wonder why we feel this feeling called love? Its because we are programmed to love. Maybe not one person. Maybe not a few. But in the end our species like all species desire the feeling of love, and that feeling of strong passion.

Many people don’t notice nor care anymore about love. They go on feeling that a promotion or a desire to do whatever they want is a way to live. Its not. Love gets you farther than arguing will ever.

In the end, what we never see that is important is usually right in front of us, or within our soul.



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