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How to Play the Law of Attraction Game

by Kylie Attwell for Kizzi Magazine

Fed up with my life and desperate to change it, my spiritual teacher recommended the work of New Thought pioneer Florence Scovel Shinn and positive affirmation queen Louise Hay. They taught me that our spoken words and thoughts are extremely powerful, and I soon became very familiar with the concept ‘My thoughts create my reality’.

After spending hours silently repeating statements like I am healthy; I am wealthy; I am loved; I am safe; All is well, and not seeing any results, the polite version is that I became frustrated. If anything, my efforts seemed to exacerbate my inner turmoil. As you can imagine my ‘positive thinking’ phase ended quicker than a soft serve ice cream on a summer day.

I’m not alone. For most individuals, the Law of Attraction is hit and miss. The reason? Positive thoughts and affirmations, written or spoken, are just two variables in the manifestation equation. To guarantee your success you need to be privy to the complete formula.

Who you are = what you attract

Twenty years of self-reflection, research and experience has led me to understand that who we are on the inside — our repetitive thought patterns, the words we use (consciously and unconsciously), how we consistently feel, what we believe to be true about life and our behaviour choices — is a direct reflection of what shows up in our outer world.

Thus, the Law of Attraction formula can be defined as follows:

Thoughts + Words + Feelings + Beliefs + Actions = The Outcome

Hallelujah moment

Discovering that I was solely responsible for everything that occurred in my life was a bit like being seared on the face with a branding iron, but it was also my biggest hallelujah moment. Realising that you are the attracting force, puts you in command of your destiny! Your days of being a victim of circumstance are over.

The even better news? Regardless of your current situation, you can immediately begin influencing the outcome of what unfolds in your life. It is simply a matter of learning how to harness and align your thoughts, words, feelings, beliefs and actions with what you desire to manifest, create or experience.

Life becomes a game

When I understood these principles, life became a game. Life’s inbuilt feedback loop confirms when I’ve perfected my practice or let’s me know if further training is required. When things go well, I celebrate. When I have to push shit uphill to create something I desire, it is evidence that my thoughts, words, feelings, beliefs or actions have gone rogue and are ‘playing’ for the opposition. When the latter occurs, I concentrate my efforts on identifying where I am unconsciously sabotaging myself and do the ‘inner work’, which produces the desired outcome.

The result? My life now flows more easily and opportunities often open up without exerting any effort. I’ve also been the beneficiary of countless financial windfalls and jaw-dropping travel adventures.

This doesn’t mean life is void of challenges. There are issues I continue to wrestle with, but I now have the skills to deal with anything that crosses my path. I feel like the winner in the game of life because each day it becomes richer, more colourful and fun. That is my wish for you!

Could you benefit from my practical and effective game plan? It will help you to quieten and positively harness your mind, practise emotional self-management, reprogram self-limiting beliefs and provide action steps that will permanently improve your life. To receive your copy, send me an email — kylie@aguideforlife.com

Kylie Attwell is an author, content curator and facilitator for self-transformation. Her skills and services take a multi-disciplinary approach based on the latest therapeutic modalities and brain science. In her Brisbane practice, she conducts one-on-one consultations and energy assessments to ascertain where clients are on their journey, and then provides personalised guidance to help change the printout of their life. She also facilitates belief change, emotional release, and hands-on healing sessions to relieve stress and anxiety. To find out more you can visit www.aguideforlife.com or e-mail kylie@aguideforlife.com



Discover the latest information, modalities and brain science to help you release your fears and doubts, overcome negative self-talk, process trapped emotions and reprogram limiting beliefs so you can be free to live with purpose and joy.

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Kylie Attwell

Self-transformation Content Curator and Facilitator | Author of the Build a Life You Love workbook series | Founder of www.aguideforlife.com