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A Guide on Prayer

Prayer: Mastering Your Inner Motion

As we close out our series on prayer, I want to share with you a short talk from one of my favorite teachers: Neville Goddard. He speaks about prayer as an effort to master your inner motion.

Before I explain, let me share with you three ways you can listen or read his talk:

Video (British accent): https://youtu.be/Sc3nWE7ihgY

Video (American accent): https://youtu.be/Y9AAcgdhYsQ

Text: http://realneville.com/txt/the_secret_of_prayer.htm

Master Your Inner Motion

Neville speaks about mastery of your inner motion as the “secret of scriptural prayer.” Inner motion is the inward movement of your imagination. While your body may be physically anchored to wherever you are, your mind is free to wander. And, it’s this wandering that Neville wants you to master. Wherever you consistently go in your imagination, your body will eventually follow.

Each of us has a place (or set of places) that we habitually go in our minds. And, certain events can trigger our imagination to run a variety of “worst-case” scenarios.

For example, let’s suppose you’re pulled over by a cop because your car’s registration lapsed. That experience may remind you that you haven’t paid the registration because you do not have the money to pay it. Instead of viewing this experience objectively, you reflect upon how long you’ve been without what you need and how you’re tired of “not having.”

When you master your inner motion, you change the way you respond to external stimuli. In this type of prayer, you change the places your imagination habitually goes. Instead of running “worst-case” scenarios, you intentionally practice seeing yourself in idealized settings.

Free your mind and the rest will follow. That’s not just a song lyric.

Make Life Get Tired of Telling You “No!”

Changing the character of your mind can be slow work. In the parable of the importunate widow, we have an example as to how we should approach the work of changing the habitual patterns of our imagination. The widow continually comes to the judge, asking for vindication. At first the judge does not respond, then reasons: “Although I neither fear God, nor regard man, yet I will exonerate her, because by her much coming, she wearies me.”

Dogged persistence was the key to the widow’s success. You must consistently come back to the “judge” in your mind with images of your preferred experience. In this case, the judge is your fixed way of seeing things and imagining life for yourself. Eventually, your persistence reaches the judge and the change you’ve longed for happens.

Make life get tired of telling you, “No!”

It Takes Practice to Become Its Master

The technique — seeing yourself in the kinds of experiences you want to have — is simple but it takes practice to become its master. As Neville explains: “Knowing your desire, point yourself directly in front of it by thinking from its fulfillment. Silence all thought and allow the doors of your mind to open. Then enter your desire. Stay with your imagination as your companion.”

What separates this prayer practice from any other is that it begins with the assumption that what you want is already yours. You do not simply think of what you want; rather, you think from the realization that you already have it. What kinds of things would you think, say or do if what you seek were already yours? That’s what you spend your time doing in your imagination — practice having what you seek.

Ultimately, “prayer is motion. It is learning how to move toward a change in your bank balance, your marital status, or social world. The technique of prayer is mastering your inner motion.”

Learn to Live Your Desires

Living your desire is different than simply desiring a thing. When you desire a thing, you thinking of it. But when you live a thing, you think from it. There is a difference between thinking of the car you want to drive and actually driving the car. As long as you think of the car, you keep yourself separate and apart from the experience. But to make it yours, you must actually drive the car — whether you do it in your body or your mind.

I read somewhere that the mind does not know the difference between an actual or imagined act. A minister in the Bay Area told the story of a basketball study with students. The students were divided into three groups and given three distinct set of instructions. Group A was told to practice as they normally would; Group B was told to only imagine themselves practicing; and Group C was told not to practice at all.

When they reconvened after a period of time, the results were shocking. Group C underperformed, as you might imagine. Group A improved their scoring average, as you might imagine. But it was Group B that shocked everyone, improving their scoring average as much as Group A, the group that had actually practiced.

I do not know whether this study is actual or anecdotal. But the encouragement is the same: where you go in your mind, you can and will eventually go in your body. So live your desires and they shall come to pass.

Use Baby Steps to Master Your Inner Motion

Neville shares the way Abdullah taught him to master his inner motion: “Every day I would sit in my living room where I could not see the telephone in the hall. With my eyes closed, I would assume I was in the chair by the phone. Then I would feel myself back in the living room. This exercise was very helpful to me. If you try it, you will discover you become very loose with this exercise.”

I set a personal goal to try this exercise for 5 minutes daily, putting myself in preferred locations and experiences. The challenge I’ve had so far is that my mind wanders. The timer goes off and I will find that I’ve fallen asleep and/or begun to think about something else. I know that I must be like that importunate widow — go back again and again until the judge yields and gives me what I want…a changed mind.

The Goal: Think From the End

We do not simply want to master our inner motion; we want to think from the end. When I travel in my imagination to preferred experiences and circumstances, my goal is to make those experiences and circumstances as real as possible to myself. To the degree that I can, I must give my imagination the sensory vividness that an actual experience provides.

See it…taste it…touch it…feel it…smell it…

Go in your mind where you want to be and dwell there. Make it real. “In imagination, I can put myself where I desire to be. I move and view the world from there. Then I return here, confident that — in a way unknown to me — this being who can do all things and knows all things, will lead me physically across a bridge of incident up to where I have placed myself.”

My World Bears Witness to My Inner Motion

We are forever drawing confirmation of what we are doing within ourselves.

Rather than brush off this prayer technique, consider that you are already working it. You are already using your imagination to manifest your world. You may not have known that you can be intentional about the things you imagine. But the function and purpose of the imagination remains the same — it is the creator of your experience.

Our lives bear witness to what we are doing within ourselves.

“Everything and everyone is yourself pushed out.” That may not be a comfortable sentence to read when you consider some of the things happening in the world today. But, spiritual law must hold true for all things — not just the things we want to manifest.

My Call to Action to You

Now that we know the power of our imagination, let us be intentional in its use. I invite you to take the 30-day challenge I’ve taken. Choose a preferred reality you want to experience. Give yourself some kind of daily reminder. I have an app on my smartphone call “7 Weeks.”

Every day for 30 days, I will spend 5 minutes focusing on a preferred reality. Because I would like to have a new car that’s big and safe enough for me to transport Jordan around to his various activities. During those 5 minutes, I will imagine myself in my brand new car with as much sensory vividness that I can create. I will see it, taste it, touch it, hear it and smell it.

I invite you to do the same. In the comments below, let me know what experience you plan to use this prayer technique to manifest. Be specific and let me know what system you plan to use to track it.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this article, hold that clapping button down (👏) — it helps others see the story & it means a lot to me!




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