Ethos: The Hoodie Reinvented (Review)

Ever since playing sport in high school I have been searching for a hoodie that I could comfortably play sport in and that wasn’t too thick and that would be able to withstand hours of use. So when I found the Ethos Hoodie by RYU I had to check it out.

The Ethos Hoodie is a slick looking hoodie which differs greatly from the traditional hoodie. One of the main selling points which were outlined in its Kickstarter campaign was that it was a blended fabric of cotton, nylon and spandex, this means that it doesn’t pill like the traditional hoodie, its stretchable and dries quickly. The hoodie is also designed to have minimal stitching and had redesigned pockets which make it feel super light

When I backed the project it cost me $157 including shipping for the Early Bird Men’s Hoodie in the Burgundy colour. Now you might think this is a lot to pay for just a hoodie. However for me personally it is definitely worth the price tag. I have played hours of squash in it without having my motion limited. I have gone indoor rock climbing while wearing it and it was super comfy to climb in.

As well as wearing it while playing sport I loved wearing it in every day situations. It was super comfortable to wear to uni and out and about. It doesn’t look like a hoodie that is only meant to be worn in a couple of situations. Its designed so that you can wear it anywhere. I have enjoyed wearing it so much that I am considering getting a second one for winter next year.

Wanting a new hoodie? Definitely check out Ethos by RYU. Definitely worth the money.

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