Chapter 1, Part 2: The Original Eden and The Serpent In The Garden

Around the same time that Lucifer was getting up to his tricks over in Alpha Draconis (4 billion YA), Yahweh and his Paa Tal were living on a gas and dust planet in the system Lyra. They were living 5th Density at the time, so living on a gas planet wasn’t a problem, but they decided to change their vibration to a 3rd Density state, and move to a 3rd Density planet in the system in order to experience the conditions that they were attempting to create life for.

The bodies they formed were not flesh-and-bone human bodies, they were physicalized light-bodies made essentially out of plasma, which allowed them to interact with the 3D world.

They seeded the planet with the appropriate building blocks to develop the animal life kingdoms, for which they had already developed a working DNA molecule — this is the simple double-helix DNA we are familiar with today.

Their final goal was to create a DNA molecule that could allow for high-vibration consciousness to exist at the flesh-and-bone level and for that they needed something much more complex — a 12-strand DNA molecule. So they settled into their new home/laboratory and gave the planet the name E.DIN.

(a note: all human beings have the potential to have 12-strand DNA, this is why scientists today identify our DNA as 2-strand, with 10 “junk strands” that they don’t understand the function of. These “junk strands” are actually just dormant and can be awakened through consciousness).

It would take Yahweh and his scientists about 3.5 billion years to achieve their goal. Why so long?

First you have to understand that these folks didn’t experience time in the same way we do. Being immortal tends to give one a longer perspective and quite a bit of patience, plus they could pop into other levels of Density where time moved very differently, or where there was no time at all. Also these experiments needed millions of years to play out.

They would design a prototype molecule and introduce it into the system and then go exploring elsewhere or maybe just pop forward on the timeline, and then they would check in and see how evolution had played out. It took many, many tries, but finally, about 427 million YA, they found the right sequencing and it worked.

427 Million YA: The Paa Tal seeded the Lyran race, the first 3rd- density human beings, on the planet E.DIN.

The Lyrans had 3D flesh-and-blood bodies capable of potentially housing all Densities of consciousness. The Paa Tal themselves were the first souls to incarnate into that race, followed by other groups of souls as the Lyrans multiplied.

They had 50+2 chromosomes and a 12-strand DNA molecule, with bodies between 10–15 feet tall. They evolved through the processes of contemplation and play, living peaceful, nomadic and agricultural lifestyles.

With their high level of consciousness they could literally bend and shape nature to their will, forming vast gardens, fabulous parks and living architecture made from the forest itself.

Before incarnating as Lyrans, those souls whom had been living at other Densities had manifested their desires as just a natural way of life; but manifestation at those levels of density is relatively fluid — held together only as long as the mind wills it.

Living in 3D they were able to manifest creations that not only remained solid, those creations then had an evolutionary life of their own! All of this made for a very rich, sensual, and magical existence that was rooted in a deep harmony with the environment.

Many of the Paa Tal became quite enamoured of this denser experience. They lived very long lifespans — hundreds of thousands of years — often reincarnating again and again, perfecting the process of merging these exciting new physical bodies with their eternal light bodies until some of them no longer needed to die and reincarnate in order to have the physical experience.

They could live in a fleshy body and, with their consciousness, change their vibration to a light body and then back again to flesh and blood at will. This group of Paa Tal souls became the spiritual leaders of the developing Lyran culture and would form the core of the group that we know today as The Ascended Masters.

And that, folks, is how we got the roots of our Eden (E.DIN) myth! Now, about that serpent…

I think it’s fair to say that most people are familiar with the story of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, the one where the snake tempts Eve and introduces the knowledge of good and evil. What most folks probably don’t know is that this story is an echo of much earlier one.

That original story is the one I’m going to tell here.

387 Million YA — The Draco have been exploring and cultivating planets in our corner of the Multiverse for some 3 million years, in an ever-constant quest for food and resources.

They have expanded out far from their original system in Alpha Draconis, as they tended to quickly use up whatever planet they spread to. They existed now primarily as a vast and far-flung fleet of interstellar ships and space stations, dependent on their network of mining, agricultural and livestock worlds.

Their sciences at this point were as advanced as you can get without integrating higher consciousness-based technology, something that the Draco did not have access to with their crude, two-stranded DNA and violent way of life.

Through genetic manipulation they have created many variants of their race, bred to various purposes such as warrior, farmer, worker, etc.., so from now on, when I refer to the Ciakar, I am referring to the original bloodline — the Royalty of the Draconian race, the White Draco.

Remember, the Draco were an androgynous and conquest-minded

people who were, as far as they knew, the only intelligent life in the Universe, so imagine their surprise and shock when one of their scout ships came back with a report of a system that not only harbored intelligent life, it harbored intelligent life that had been divided into males and females!

Males and Females who existed in harmony with vast, self- sustaining systems of lush gardens and forests, content to simply live in balance with the world, rather than using it up and moving on to the next one. Not only that, these people seemed to have some kind of ability to literally shape their environment with their thoughts.

At this point in time many souls had incarnated into the Lyran race as it grew and flourished under the guidance of the Paa Tal. They had developed interplanetary space travel and spread from E.DIN to other planets in their Solar System, but they had not developed weapons of any kind as there was no need.

The concepts of violence, fighting and war were unknown to them; there being no need for such things in a place where harmony and co-existence was the norm.

They were, in other words, ripe for the taking.

The Ciakar, upon hearing the reports of the discovery of Lyra and it’s strange, soft inhabitants, decided that they must see this for themselves. The Royal Houses assembled at a staging area outside the system and there they gathered their fleets into an armada, and watched.

It was incredulous to the Draconian mind that these creatures who had achieved interplanetary travel didn’t seem to have any sort of weapons system, which is why they waited so long before making their move — to be sure.

Also, their scientists were insistent that they must study the apparent mind-power these people possessed, but try as they might, they couldn’t understand how it functioned. They had no way to make heads or tails of a technology that was rooted in love and harmony, a technology that appeared to them as magic.

We know well from our own planetary history that when a powerful race encounters another race that it cannot understand, there is usually only one way that will play out, especially when the “weaker” race lives in a resource-rich environment.

And so the Conquest of Lyra began.

The poor Lyrans welcomed their invaders at first; having no conception of ownership or property, they couldn’t fathom that these new, apparently intelligent creatures would want to take their world from them.

They didn’t speak the same language either so communication was an issue, and though many of the Lyrans were telepathic the Draco were not, and the lizard’s alien minds were incomprehensible to them (much like when Columbus’ ships first arrived in the New World, the natives literally could not see them, their minds having no frame of reference ) and though the empathic Lyrans could feel the Draconian’s hostile intent, they could not understand it, having no context — they thought that the Draco must be wounded, or frightened in some way.

It’s not hard to imagine what went down…

The conquest of Lyra, that first slaughter of humans by reptilians, was the original holocaust — of which there have been countless karmic echoes down through the millennium.

A warning… this next part is especially intense and disturbing.

The Ciakar and their soldiers discovered that they quite enjoyed the taste of humans, who were soft and easy to kill, but there was an even darker side to their conquest. The Draco also discovered that they could get an intense high from the emotions of humans, particularly from the emotion of terror. Many Lyrans were tortured and eaten alive — the Draco gorging on the intense emotional vibrations of like a kind of horrific psychic food and drug all in one, even as they feasted on the flesh.

This was their discovery of the dark energy that became known as Loosh.

This was the original Serpent in the Garden story.

The Serpent was the reptilian race, who brought with them murder, torture and war, introduced the knowledge of good and evil, hope and despair, fight, flight and helplessness , and embedded polarized duality consciousness into the human psychic field, tying a knot of fear in our etheric DNA, which we still struggle with today.

An interesting, and terrible, side-note — I have heard that it was during this conquest that the irrational prejudice against redheads began. Those of the Lyran race who were red of hair also seemed to possess the strongest psychic abilities, making for the most intense high for the Draco. Once this was discovered, redheads were judged to be the most prized game. Unfortunately, once the Lyrans realized that the Draco were targeting redheads, the poor gingers often became outcasts among their own people, who had been driven into survival mode, in order to better protect the rest of the group.

The Lyrans who survived fled their star system in the only ships they had, which were relatively slow interplanetary ships. These refugees from the cradle of human civilization combined resources to a form a fleet and began developing agricultural and mining ships, so that they could become self-sustaining. They also began developing weapons, both psychic and physical, so that they would be able to defend themselves in the future.

I’m a big fan of the show Battlestar Galactica, both the old one and the new. As a kid I watched the 1970’s version and I deeply resonated with the story of a fleet of human refugees in search of a new home, fleeing from their old one which had been devastated by a viscous, unfeeling enemy.

This is pretty much what happened for the folks from Lyra, at least at first.

These refugees from the cradle of human life were able to escape their conquered home solar system, though they stayed within the local star cluster for some time.

Over eons this fleet became fleets; hundreds of colonizing armadas that spread across the Milky Way.

Eventually the Lyran scientists, with assistance from the Ascended Masters who dwelt among the Lyrans as guides and teachers, were able to develop inter-Density electro-magnetic-gravitic drives, which enabled the colonists to spread out into other galaxies and beyond, into the larger Multiverse.

Over the next hundreds of millions of years they would develop into the civilizations of Vega, Orion, Sirius, The Pleiades, Tau Ceti, Andromeda, Alpha Centauri, and countless others.

Some people became not only more technologically advanced, they also developed their consciousness to the point that they no longer needed external technology and could travel in their light bodies;

they formed communities at finer levels of Density, favouring gas planets (which appear quite different at the higher levels of Density) for their civilizations.

One group though, opted to settle closer to their original home, on a planet that orbited a sun within the local star cluster; these were the souls that had been the most deeply traumatized by the slaughter of their people and couldn’t long endure the hardships of a life of space travel.

They developed tribal societies with strict taboos against developing any technology more advanced than hand-crafted items. It would be hundreds of millions of years before they developed interstellar travel and by the time they did, this branch of the ancient Lyrans had evolved into a race with feline features.

Side note — all felines that live on our planet originated in the Lyran System.

By the time that all of the children of Lyra had reached their respective planets and developed into distinct races and civilizations with different levels of technology and consciousness, many had forgotten about each other and about their common ancestral history.

Those that settled soonest though, they remembered in myth and song their time in the garden of E.DIN and how they were put to flight by the invading serpent .

The only ones who remembered the details of what really happened were those whom had already fully developed and integrated their light-bodies at the time of the invasion , the Ascended Masters, the souls of the Paa Tal, the architects of our corner of the Multiverse.

Many of them stayed with the ships and the newly-settled planets as teachers and spiritual advisers, some incarnated into various developing races, while others journeyed throughout the Universe and explored new stars and planets, including our own.

They found Earth to be a jewel of a planet and delighted in it’s ecosystems, but they also found that it had already been discovered by another race — the Draco.