Chapter 3, Part 1: The Lyran Expansion, The Orion Wars, and The Creation Of The Annunaki

20 Million Years Ago — The humans from the original great migration who settled in the Lyran system close to their ancestral home and who had shunned technological growth, have now evolved over millions of years to the point where they can settle other planets, and explore distant stars — their technological taboos slowly eroded over time.

A new wave of migration began from here, and these cat-like humanoids were surprised to “discover” the many other civilizations that have been developing all around them.

Their common ancestors have been forgotten in the dim mists of ancient myth, and the original Lyran humanoid form has evolved over time (and has also been genetically manipulated) into a wide variety of races with different sizes, features, skin tones and consciousness levels. It seemed to these Lyrans that they were encountering new beings at every corner, when really they were encountering their fellow descendants from their own ancient home.

The priorities of some of these races have shifted over time too, largely due to the influence of the still flourishing reptilian race, the Draco, who’s leaders were the Ciakar.

Some of the humanoid race in Orion, mostly those of the Aryan genotype that had evolved in Vega, have found that they resonate with the Ciakar’s agenda of space exploration and colonization. This cooperation eventually led to the formation of the Orion Empire.

Many in the Galaxy disagreed with the principles of the Empire and its agenda, and many civilizations that had been subjugated by the Draco started to rebel and band together.

This joining of forces led to the Federation of Planets (also known as simply, The Federation), which was formed by civilizations from Lyra, The Pleiades and Hyades star clusters, the Andromeda Galaxy and many other systems.

Since these folks basically had right on their side they were also joined and advised by non-physical beings from both our Universe and beyond. The Federation even got some unexpected volunteers from some reptilian planets whose particular races were more evolved in their consciousness.

One human group from the Pleiades, unwilling to join either side, decided to leave that area of the Universe altogether and eventually settled on what is now called Mars, where they would live for many millions of years and would later play a big role in our local history.

Another branch of this group from the Pleiades settled on Earth and they have been here since that time through many, many cycles of civilization and disaster. Over time, this Pleiadian group moved underground and established the first human underground cities in what would become known as Agartha.

From time to time these folks would cast themselves as “Gods” to surface dwellers who had survived the latest environmental catastrophe and help kickstart civilization again. This group is still around today, living underground.

13 Million YA: The tensions and disagreements between the Federation and the Empire were many and eventually they reached a boiling point.

The war was initially over territory, but it became a war of mind-sets and ideologies.

On the one hand there was a group of human and hybrid races that had joined forces in the Federation. Many of its members recalled well their subjugation at the hands of the Draco, and therefore rejected the ideas of colonization and intervention in other worlds. They became committed to the idea of service-to-others.

On the other hand there was a group of human, hybrid, and reptilian races that believed in service-to-self and saw it as their “manifest destiny” to colonize and assimilate those they conquered — this was The Empire.

The philosophy of service-to-self started out as an innocent enough idea in the minds of those who adopted it. It said that if everybody looked after themselves, then the whole would be taken care of as well, which sounded great. But what soon emerged was a paradigm of service-to-self at the expense of others, resulting in the cycle of victim and oppressor that we are so familiar with on our own planet.

This struggle between The Federation and The Empire became known as the Orion Wars — named such because most of the fighting took place in and around the Orion system. This war lasted literally millions of years and while there were truces and times of greater peace the general trend was one of conflict and countless generations grew up with war, desperation and strife as the norm.

12 Million YA : The Sirian Solution (which failed) and the Origin of the Anunnaki: The worlds of Sirius were mainly inhabited by refugees — reptilian, mammalian and crossbreeds — who had fled the ceaseless wars and battered planets in Orion.

One group of human refugees also came as far as our own solar system and settled on Maldek, which used to exist where our current asteroid belt now is (which is all that is left of that doomed planet).

But wherever these refugees went, the wars kept coming closer.

The Sirians didn’t really want to get involved, but tensions were rising, and soon occasional fights erupted between the different factions of refugees, as to which course of action would be best.

In order to find peace, a group in Sirius came up with a creative plan for conflict resolution. Inspired by the idea of an alchemical union of opposites, they suggested to the Empire and the Federation a marriage between royal lineages to create a common ruling dynasty, mixing the genetics of humanoid members of the Orion Royalty (reptilian/human hybrids) with high ranking members of the Federation (pure human).

Figuring it was worth a shot, the plan was set into motion and a new royal race was created — the muscular, dark-skinned, warrior-like humanoids that we know in our history as the Anunnaki (who were, incidentally the “Gods” of Ancient Sumeria, Greece, Rome and the Old Testament — but more on that later).

Unfortunately, the “marriage” and subsequent new royal lineage didn’t have the result that the Sirians had hoped for. Because of their different heritages they were a race divided amongst themselves almost from the start, and it would prove difficult for the Anunnaki to unite as one family, or to hold to one set of principles.

Also, many people refused to pledge their allegiance to the new dynasty, because they disagreed with any genetic manipulation that included reptilian DNA. But this union did create a peace that lasted for a few hundred thousand years, with the Annunaki ruling, before warfare once again exploded throughout the Galaxy.

10 Million YA : The Rebels of Sirius and The Merlin Solution (which worked, mostly): With all the back and forth battles and worlds changing possession every other century, another faction emerged that was fed up with both sides — The Rebels, who were based in the Sirius System.

Neither the Federation nor the Empire dared launch a large-scale attack on these Rebels, fearing that if they did so the Rebels would team up with the other side and that joining of forces would create an unbeatable enemy.

Even though a lot of people were sympathetic to their desire to end the war, the Rebels didn’t succeed in making any major breakthroughs in negotiations with either the Federation or the Empire and it looked like yet another stalemate had been reached, only this time there were three parties involved instead of two.

Then a babe was born on a planet in Sirius, the first human incarnation of Christ Consciousness in our Universe.

Nowadays we know Merlin as the counselor, or magician in the court of King Arthur. However, the original Merlin, or at least the Merlin archetype, made his first appearance during the Orion wars. Within the ranks of the Rebels, he grew up as a young boy with remarkable talents, capable of manipulating the 3rd Density by operating in the 5th Density, in other words, capable of “magic”, or “miracles”.

When he reached manhood, he started teaching about universal spiritual laws, about unconditional love and forgiveness, much like our friends Jeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus Christ) and Buddha, on this planet. He said that all parties, including his own, were still caught in a dualistic and polarized perception of reality, and that this perception was an illusion that only unconditional love and forgiveness would be able to lift. His ranks of followers grew, and grew.

The various authorities of that time and place must have been more receptive than the Romans, for Merlin succeeded first in changing the mindsets of the Rebels, and soon afterwards, those of the Federation and the Empire too.

By helping them to transcend and value their differences, peace agreements between parties were reached, and with this peace and change of mindset came a dramatic increase in awareness and a raising of consciousness for the whole Milky Way. Over the next hundreds of thousands of years entire masses of people would ascend into higher-Density realities as a result, and Merlin became known as the Unifier.

The Orion Empire transformed into a true matriarchy with Tiamat, the Dragon Queen, as it’s benevolent ruler. However, there remained a faction of 13 human/reptilian hybrid families within the Orion Royalty who still believed in a might-is-right and service-to-self mindset. These are the ancient roots of our present day Cabal — the 13 Royal Bloodlines, the Dark Men from Orion.

As part of the peace, Tiamat was given governorship of our local system, along with her own system of Orion.

The 13 Royal Bloodlines were jealous of this ruling and they decided to travel to our system to see if they could perhaps gain a toehold from which to eventually take over the resource-rich planets here which they coveted.

They settled on Mars but didn’t exactly receive a warm welcome. The civilizations which existed there tried to make room for the dark-minded newcomers, believing everyone deserved a chance, but before too long even these benevolent and fair-minded people could no longer tolerate the vibration of the Dark Men from Orion.

The 13 Bloodlines were banished from our system, an action that would come back to haunt the civilizations of Maldek, Mars and eventually, Earth.

It was during this time of peace throughout the Universe that someone had the bright idea to create a system of “Living Libraries” — planets that contain flora and fauna from hundreds of other worlds — to act as a kind of storehouse for genetic material.

Our planet, which was already quite diverse, was one of the 12 planets in our Galaxy selected to act as Living Libraries and many races journeyed here from all over to seed different plant and animal species – octopus, mushrooms, orchids, etc. Many of them stayed for a while, delighting in the rich lushness of the Earth, and some are still around.

Tiamat herself traveled to Earth to help seed life and created a giant, androgynous, humanoid race, the Namlu’u, to act as guardians of the Living Library on Earth. The Namlu’u were the race that the Greeks called the Titans. The giants that were the “parents” of the “gods” — meaning a race of 50–60 foot tall humanoids who existed here before the Annunaki arrived.

This Era of peace and harmony would last throughout the Galaxy for approximately 5.5 Million years, until the next great war — The War in Heaven.

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A History Of The Multiverse

A broad overview of the history of our Multiverse with a focus on events in our Galaxy that are relevant to our current situation on Earth.


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A History Of The Multiverse

A broad overview of the history of our Multiverse with a focus on events in our Galaxy that are relevant to our current situation on Earth.