Chapter 3, Part 2: The War In Heaven, The Corruption Of Utopia, and The Maldek/Mars War

In order to understand the War in Heaven we first have to establish both what is meant by “Heaven” and who and what the principle players actually were. In popular mythology Heaven is often envisioned as a place of billowy white clouds and streaming sunlight and sure, it could look like that if the inhabitants desired, in fact it could look like…. anything.

“Heaven” simply means the 6th and 7th Densities. The inhabitants of these realms are…

The Divine Archetypes — simplified by many with the term “God” — Divinity actually exists as four distinct yet inextricably bound forces — the Masculine and Feminine Principles, Heart (Christ) Energy , and Body .

The Archangels and Angels — these are manifestations of the Divine , eternal beings of light with vast intelligence and power.

The Ascended Masters — Incarnates who have ascended to the 6th Density and act as great guides and teachers for all Creation.

Lucifer was the brightest of the Archangels, but he had a huge chip on his shoulder (if you want to know why read the Lucifer Appendix here). He wasn’t on board with the idea of everything moving towards Unity and Oneness which is the plan of Divinity and overall destiny of the Multiverse, because he feared that this would lead to no individuality — he didn’t understand that he could be One with everything and also retain his uniqueness and I’m pretty sure that this is also due to the wound at the center of his creation (again — see the Lucifer Appendix). What he actually feared was becoming one with his Creator because it would mean having to resolve his core trauma, something that’s scary for anyone. To be fair, Divinity didn’t understand at this point the responsibility it had in forming this trauma in the first place.

4.5 Million YA: This conflict reached a head and erupted into the “War in Heaven”, with Lucifer and the host of Angels he had managed to persuade (about 1/3 of them) on one side, and Archangel Michael leading the rest of the Heavenly forces against him.

The Mother and Father didn’t take sides, because one of the fundamental tenets of this Creation is that free will and it’s resulting consequences must be allowed to play out — no matter how disastrous they may seem at the time.

Long story short, Lucifer lost.

He and all those who had sided with him were kicked out of Heaven, meaning that Michael essentially lassoed the light bodies of the rebels and beamed them down through the Densities, through space and time, to our solar system.

It was thought that these Fallen Angels could learn some valuable lessons from the limitations and solidity of 3rd Density reality, so the energy beam that carried them here contained coding written to bind the rebels to the 3rd Density.

It worked with the Angels. They were locked into the 3rd Density as monstrous, rocky creatures.

But Lucifer was an Archangel; possessing more energy than the lesser Angels. He was able to take strength from the Earth and form a shield that broke and deflected the beam. He was able to deflect enough coding that he retained some of his psychic and inter-Density abilities and he was able to manifest a body for himself, incarnate into a body, or to simply exist as conscious energy.

He has since incarnated many, many times — both as a member of the Annunaki and as a human — and through his myriad trials and lessons he has since been redeemed and exists now as a great Archangel of unconditional love; a rescuer and redeemer of those unjustly banished to Hell.

This is kind of ironic as so many people who worship Lucifer as a dark God are totally unaware that he is no longer that, and that the entity they are actually giving their energy to is Ahriman.

But at the time, when Lucifer and his followers were banished to our system, the effect of that huge bundle of Archetypal energy having it’s density greatly lowered as it passed through our solar system was much like the effect of cornstarch in gravy — our little region of space-time began to thicken.

This paved the way for the demonic energy of Ahriman and his Asuras to penetrate our little corner of the Multiverse more intensely with their vibration.

Utopia — our lovely Earth and her surrounding community of peaceful planets — began it’s long, slow decent into corruption and darkness ; a low point that we are just starting to climb our way out of today.

4.5–2.5 Million YA: Over the course of these two million years the vibration of our solar system gradually got slower and Utopia slowly sickened, and so it was during this time that a group who had a big grudge against the two most densely populated planets in our system , Maldek and Mars, saw their opportunity to return.

2.5 Million YA: The group of 13 royal bloodlines from Orion, the souls that were previously kicked out of our system for being too dark and violent during the time of Utopia, settled on Maldek and began to influence and quicken the decline of that planet’s consciousness grid.

That planet’s people, who were already on a downward slide, were easily seduced by the Dark Men from Orion and quickly embraced their ideals of service-to-self, technology and control; giving up their freedom in attempt to gain some sense of power over their deteriorating circumstances, but the yearning for that type of power and control is a vicious cycle that only leads to wanting more.

They started to become belligerent and then downright threatening towards their peaceful Martian neighbors, eventually insisting that Mars surrender it’s territory to Maldekian control voluntarily, or they would be conquered, colonized and possibly wiped out.

Some of the citizens of Mars appealed to their relatives in the Pleiades for aid and the Pleiadians answered by sending a fleet of ships to help out. Ironically, Maldek took the arrival of this fleet as a provocation, and used it to justify their attack.

Using artificial merkaba-based technology, the Maldekians created an energy grid around their planet, which could be used both as a shield and as a weapon against the Martians’ natural (love- generated) merkaba shield. By using this weapon Maldek was able to disrupt the Martian energy grid enough to then bombard the planet with poisonous bombs, causing chain reactions in the atmosphere that turned the air into a toxic fume.

This happened very rapidly and most of the Martians died before they knew what hit them. Many of these souls returning to Sirius and the Pleiades, while others who had been too traumatized to access that vibration hovered around Earth, waiting to incarnate. The most evolved Martians — a group made up mostly of those original souls who had settled on Mars during the Orion Wars — were able to escape in their light bodies.

In retaliation, the Pleiadian fleet surrounded Maldek and bombarded it with energy beams that started to destroy the Maldek energy shield. Panicking, the Orion leaders of Maldek cranked up the frequency of their grid in an attempt to take out the entire Pleiadian fleet in one big energy burst, but their plan backfired.

Passing an increased current through the damaged energy field destabilized the natural electro-magnetic-gravitic grid of the planet so much that Maldek was shattered into bits, becoming the asteroid belt now located between Mars and Jupiter.

The very souls of the deceased inhabitants of Maldek were shattered as well by the trauma of their entire planet being suddenly ripped apart. Each soul there was shredded into many soul fragments, each still capable of consciousness, but with a fraction of the energy of their original selves. They flocked to Earth; now the safest, most hospitable planet in the system, and joined the souls of the Martians there, hovering around the planet in a great cloud of “soul families”, waiting to incarnate. Most of the people on Earth now were part of that group.

Seconds before the planet was torn apart, the group of 13 men who made up the leadership of the Orion faction, who were well prepared for just such an eventuality, managed to escape into space-time with their families, using more artificial merkaba technology.

They traveled in three gigantic, disc-shaped motherships to a place and time where they saw that it would be both possible and advantageous to manifest; to Atlantis, approximately 52,000 years before our present day.

These 13 bloodlines have played a major role in our planet’s history ever since that time. They joined with the Ciakar Royalty who had been hibernating underground and together, along with some German friends which they would meet much later on, they would form the group we call the “Illuminati”, or Cabal, who have had great influence and control over our world’s societies and power structures.

The Pleidians have since regretted their part in the destruction of Maldek and have been trying to help us out since then, resulting in the many present-day channelers who speak for different beings there, and the many Starseeds from there who choose to incarnate on Earth.

2.4 Million YA: Our neighborhood was in trouble, as the low vibe that now permeated our system made it more possible for nasty beings of all types to take up residence.

The Earth had been designated a Living Library , home to flora and fauna from across the Galaxy, but that’s not the only thing that makes her special; the Spirit of the Earth is the largest, most sentient piece of the lost Original Mother. Because of this, our little blue planet is an energetic linchpin for all of Creation, so there was very real reasons for concern among the higher forces of Light.

Sanat Kumara, the leader of 144,000 Nacaals who were still in residence on 5th- Density Venus, decided it was time to return to Earth for a while to help stabilize the situation.

Artistic depiction of Lord Sanat Kumara

He traveled here with 400 of his people and together they manifested a 5D city above the Gobi Sea, which is now the Gobi desert. This city would become known as The White City, or Shamballa, and it exists to this day as the seat of Lord Kumara, who still resides there as the head Avatar of Earth. Once Shamballa was established, the rest of the Nacaals made the trip from Venus and took up residency.

Foreseeing that they would be involved with nurturing all forms of life on the planet for a long time to come, Sanat Kumara decided that a 3D city should be constructed underground, directly below Shamballa, so a portion of the Nacaals manifested some 3D plasma bodies so that they could interface with the 3rd Density reality on Earth, and began construction of Lower Shamballa.

The group of humans from the Pleiades who had settled here about 17.5 Million years before this had already established a city underground and they welcomed the Nacaals and also assisted with the construction.

Then the Nacaals began the real work! Together with the Pleiadian group and the more highly evolved Martians, who had escaped the destruction of their planet’s atmosphere in their light bodies, they began helping the traumatized souls of all those who had perished in the Maldek/Mars war, who were hovering around the Earth in a great cloud, to incarnate here.

These poor souls were so traumatized and fragmented. They had lost all their psychic abilities and Akashic memory and were barely sentient. They incarnated as primitive hominids, the genus we know as Homo Habilis.

The different soul families (each of which was comprised of shards from a previously intact, single soul) incarnated into different tribes of hominids. Essentially, one tribe = one soul family = one shattered Maldekian or Martian soul.

To this day, 75% of the souls who inhabit the Earth are from this group and while some have evolved and healed over time, regaining much of their former spiritual prowess, others have not and are still barely above their ancient hominid ancestors in terms of consciousness.

The reason that our fossil record shows so many different species of the genus Homo subsequently appearing and disappearing throughout the millions of years that follow this time is because of both evolution and continued genetic manipulation by both the Nacaals and by other groups. In fact, descendants from these tribes

would eventually be altered into Homo Sapiens by the Annunaki about 2 million years after the introduction of Homo Habilis.