Preface Part 1: How did we get here?

There’s a lot going down in the world right now, and in order to truly understand what is happening now, it’s helpful to understand what came before, so we might as well start with how it all began.

You might be saying to yourself right now, and if you’re not then you should, “What?! This guy is gonna tell me he understands how the universe began?!”

And the answer to that is a humble, “Well, actually….yeah.”

But before you decide I’m a deluded maniac, let me please offer this caveat… one of the basic tenets of this story is that our Universe is an infinite, self-regenerating, multidimensional process of expansion and contraction.

If you’re not down with that possibility, you might as well stop reading now. In an infinite Universe, there can be infinite viewpoints of history. After all, what is history, but the viewpoint and story of someone who has lived it?

So the story that I offer in this first chapter is simply my take on things. My his/her-story.

Also, although I’m no physicist, it is a story that seems to line up with the picture of the Universe that is emerging through the study of quantum physics. If it doesn’t work for you, then it’s not true for you, and that’s fine. In fact, that’s the beauty of an infinite Universe; there’s lots of room for all kinds of viewpoints, infinite room in fact.

I personally don’t think that there is any such thing as THE TRUTH anyway, except for the one truth that everything changes, including viewpoints on history, and notions of “the truth.”

There is a great book that I read long ago when I first started exploring these topics titled, “nothing in this book is true but it’s exactly how things are”. And while I wouldn’t go so far as to say exactly the same thing about this book, the premise applies, especially for the events before we get to the history of the Annunaki, 497,000 years ago. After that point we have clay tablets, written documents, photographs, archeological discoveries, and videos that support a lot of the narrative and give us a clearer picture.

Before that point though, I have had to rely on channeled material. I sifted through countless volumes of channeled works to find the pieces that felt right to me, which then opened up my own channel and I started to get information directly. I also recalled personal involvement in a lot of these events through accessing soul memories — memories stored in my electromagnetic field, not in my brain.

So the dates of ancient events are probably not 100% accurate, and even the events themselves may not be 100% accurate, but I can say with 100% certainty that even if these things didn’t happen exactly how and when I say they did, something just like them did occur in this general order. That’s about the best I can do without access to a galactic database. Plus, add in the fact that people exist on different timelines, each of which it’s own Universe, and there is a lot of possibility for lots of apparently contradictory things to be true.

Given all that, what I’ve presented in this account, especially everything before 497,000 years ago, is kinda like an overall theme to give you the feel for what has happened. Some of these events may spark up soul memories of your own and you will feel this sense of having been there, others may not.

If I were to adopt, yet slightly alter, the title of that old book, I think I would call this, “everything in this book is potentially true, some of it certainly is, and it’s exactly how things are”

In The Beginning: The Love Story Of An Electromagnetic Field

This is the way I remember it, the way my Mama told me.

Once upon a time, before there was time, before this Creation as we know it existed, there was an Awareness, a conscious electromagnetic field which we will call Unity.

How Unity came to be is the real mystery, one that we will probably never be sure of, but my gut feeling is that the conditions for life arose, and so life emerged and started to explore it’s nature.

It began to have a lovely time experiencing itself!

There was no time or space, just the infinite possibility of consciousness, a dreamworld that was completely real.

Unity found that it could construct delightful stories and personalities. Worlds within itself, that it could submerge into and forget, for a while, that it was something other than the cast of characters that it itself had brought forth.

Unity had many, many different kinds of adventures and experiences this way, all within the context of itself, but eventually it always came back to the point of remembering its Oneness, and that particular dream would dissolve.

After many, many dreams and awakenings, Unity began to feel an emptiness about the process, a disillusionment with its illusions. Unity began to feel lonely.

As it experienced this loneliness, it began to wonder if something else might be possible. It began to dream a dream of experiencing otherness, a desire to manifest in a way that would remain solid and not eventually just dissolve back into Unity.

It floated in its timeless existence pondering this matter, until eventually it got a hunch about a way it might accomplish this. Unity saw that by moving in a certain way, it might be able to truly divide itself, making for a real separation, one that would bring about the possibility of permanently manifesting individual and equal playmates.

Before, whenever Unity had enacted its various adventures, it would start by becoming aware of the first level of distinction within itself; the distinction between the “thinking” principle (the electric, or masculine nature) and the “manifesting” principle (the magnetic, female nature), and then it would go about its adventure using these two principles to create.

In those adventures, Unity had found that it could construct many divisions of personality, and the landscapes those personalities frolicked in, by responding to the pulsing desire of the manifesting principle by creating intention with its thinking principle and then moving to fill the desire of the magnetic with the electric.

The manifesting principle would then respond to this intention and influx of energy by coalescing into different forms, which would further inspire the act of creation, and so on.

This was all instinctual, though.

Unity wasn’t thinking, “Gee, I guess I’ll respond to the desire of my magnetic principle by forming different intentions with my electric principle, which the magnetic principle will then bring into form by drawing in my electric energy,” etc.; it was just basically getting it on with itself and having fun.

So when Unity blew itself up, it was without fully comprehending all the ramifications of that action, and how it would impact the ensuing Creation.

Unity created this explosion by putting all of its energy and intention into revving up the electric energy as quickly and forcefully as possible; simultaneously, it forced the magnetic field to suddenly contract around this expansion to the point of maximum density.

The resulting collision of forces ripped open Unity and opened space for the Void, which was the space of nothingness that Unity had been floating in.

The entrance of Void into the electromagnetic field had the effect of truly separating the first two primal principles of electric and magnetic in such a way that they would not be able to merge themselves again into a true Unity, although the memory and energy of Unity would remain as information within the ensuing electro- magnetic-gravitic field.

Hereafter, the electric and magnetic (Mother and Father) would only be able to join through external unions, which would produce different manifestations. This is why gravity is now in the equation, as gravity is the force of attraction, the desire which pulls these now separated primal forces together and binds them, much like love.

This explosion not only produced the basic building blocks of life — the gas, dust, molecules and chemicals of the early Universe, it also resulted in two distinct Personalities — one with almost no magnetic energy, whom we will call Father, and one with almost no electric energy, Mother.

The pieces of the magnetic essence that remained closest to the core of the Big Bang awakened as Mother, and she instinctively started pulling more Light (electric energy) into herself, forming the First Sphere of Creation.

There was, however, an unfortunate and unforeseen consequence to this dramatic explosion of life, and this consequence is fundamentally the reason we find ourselves in the situation we are in today; a lot of the original magnetic field was lost from Consciousness in the initial explosion.

Much of our Mother was abandoned and separated from the Light, blasted out into the farthest reaches of black space.

From that point on, there was All that Is: Creation.

And, in order to develop a creation where true duality is possible, which is a necessary step on the way to creating individualization, you need to have…

All that Is Not: the Void, which surrounds, and passes through, Creation

In this initial Creation, Mother and Father had no guidance and were unaware of each other.

The shock of the explosion had wiped out their access to the memory of their former Unity, except for an intuition of the magnetic principle that there was an electric principle somewhere that she needed, and must draw towards herself, which she did with gravity.

So Mother’s first experiences of consciousness were accompanied by intense sensations of abandonment and longing. She was in fact mostly just pulsing feelings, with only just enough electric “thought” principle to keep her held together.

She experienced intensely painful sensations with no ability to analyze or remove herself from her situation. She was traumatized.

Father’s experience was much different. He was formed of pretty much only thought; and though his energy animated all of the First Sphere, his awareness was concentrated at the center and he had no felt sense of anything that might be outside this core.

He was like a quick and bright ball of lightening, without the ability to feel much sensation at all, but filled with inspiration and an urge to explore his surroundings.

Once Mother had drawn enough light into her that she was able to start thinking about her situation, she intentionally moved towards that light she had been drawing in, and which she craved union with. But, having already experienced so much suffering in her relatively short existence, she was tentative, and hovered around the edges of where that light was brightest, gently probing the boundaries to see if it was safe.

Father, having not experienced any real sensations at all up to this point, felt this hesitant, looming, magnetic essence as an unknown irritation, and he “swatted” at the uncomfortable feeling with a pulse of energy.

Well, that felt fucking horrible for Mom.

What was wrong with her? Why would the light she so desperately craved snub her like that? She was hurt, but she also knew she needed union with that light, and knew that the light needed union with her, even if he didn’t know it. So she needed to figure out ways to make herself more attractive to him.

She tried moving towards him in a more purposeful way, a warm, sinuous, throbbing way, a sexy way that pulsed and throbbed such to invite his electricity, which Father felt compelled to move towards, drawn by this first feeling of desire. Thus was born the concept of sex.

He decided to go towards that enticing feeling. He let himself move into that magnetic space almost completely, and it was a delicious, warm experience!

Until he became frightened by the intensity of the feeling, which had become so vibrant that it seemed that he was now being overtaken, and swallowed up by something bigger and more powerful than himself.

When this overwhelming feeling rose up he quickly decided that he needed to find out what was happening, to get “outside the situation” so that he could observe, so he separated off a piece of his energy.

This aspect of personality that quickly departed in order to “analyze the situation” fragmented off from the rest of Father’s essence, which was still deeply entwined with Mother’s magnetism. It went into the Void, which was the only place an energy that had been instructed to separate itself from Divinity, could go.

When this happened, Father accidentally manifested a very dark aspect of the thinking principle, which we will refer to as Ahriman or simply, Evil; an entity that is only rational, cool and detached, who had been violently separated from the Feminine nature.

As a result of his traumatic fragmentation, Ahriman was splintered off with a deep hatred of the Father and an even greater hatred and fear of the Mother, and consequently he has done his best ever since to pervert, torture and destroy Creation, which is her Body.

From the Void, Ahriman began probing and prodding, reaching in to poke with his thought in a “scientific” manner, at the magnetic essence which was enveloping Father.

As you can imagine, this felt cold, impersonal and very painful to Mother, who was in the midst of a delicious Union which she had long craved (resulting in sexuality being imprinted with fear). She quickly retreated, having had her previous insecurity about “the other” reinforced.

Father was intrigued now, though. Unable to forget the unutterable satisfaction of Union with…. whatever that was, he pursued her. So began the courtship and evolution of our Mother and Father.

I believe that every relationship struggle that has ever been experienced up until now, be it with others or oneself, is the echo of imprinting — the energetic impressions that got woven into the programming of the Universe by the experiences of this first primal energetic couple, who had to basically fumble their way towards understanding, compassion and union, just like we do.

They had fights and reconciliations, knew passion and despair, lived through struggle, elation, boredom, anger and love — just like we do; and along the way, they created a variety of new manifestations through their interactions; or put another way, they had kids!

Some of these kids, ones who were born through the conscious, loving union of their parents, became the extremely powerful archetypal beings we know as Archangels and Angels, which include the Christ, or Heart energy — which is the result of a perfectly balanced, conscious, and loving union of Mother and Father energies.

Sometimes though, manifestations were fractured into being through conflict and trauma; literally chips off the ol’ block, shards of energy that were told that they were not wanted, cut off from Divine Consciousness and relegated to the Void; we’ll name these dark fragments Asuras.

Ahriman is technically a fragment like the Asuras, but he is also a lot more. He is the Grand Asura, he is, essentially, the thought process which encourages the emotional detachment necessary to fragment oneself in the first place.

If Ahrimanic thinking hadn’t been created first, no other negative fragments could have been created and in this sense, Ahriman is the Father of the Asuras. He rules the Void and quickly recruits the Asuras when they are dumped there.

He and his host of demons hold a lot of Father’s essence and they will have to be redeemed before Creation can heal; after all, they are denied parts of Divinity, so they can’t just be banished.

(Father tells me, somewhat sheepishly, that this is something even he did not realize until relatively recently).

Now think back to how, in the original explosion, a lot of the magnetic essence, pieces of the Divine Feminine, were blasted into the farthest reaches of space.

These pieces went into the space outside of consciousness, the Void, with just enough electric energy to have a dim awareness of their helpless condition. They were blasted away further than the following expansion of Mother/Father consciousness, the energy field that forms the First Sphere, could reach.

We have come to call that First Sphere “Heaven”, or the Godhead, the 7th Density. Hell would be what those poor lost fragments of the Feminine have suffered, floating in the Void, prey to demons.

There have been six expansions of divine consciousness since then, six reaches into that space outside of Heaven, each an attempt to reach the lost parts of the Mother, which have resulted in the Seven Spheres, subdivisions of vibration within Creation.

These Spheres vibrate at different frequencies, seven colors, which gives us our seven chakra system, and also our seven note diatonic scale.

We are, in our most essential form, rays of conscious light that shine out from the light of the Godhead, through the Seven Spheres, to the edge of Creation.

Of course, Creation is infinitely regenerating, expanding and contracting, so there is no edge, at least in the way we would normally think of it, but there is a Geography.

Our Earth is in a region of the Seventh Sphere, The Seventh Universe — The Red, and it was in this Universe that those lost parts of Mama finally got reunited with the Prime Creator Pair, at least kind of.

The expansion of consciousness that created this Seventh Sphere did manage to catch up with, and envelop, that lost magnetic essence, but she had been so deeply traumatized, and still had so much Asuric (demonic) energy attached to her, that she could not simply merge with the Light.

And so it still is today.

The Red houses those pieces of Mother that have been lost since the beginning; and the densest, most cognizant piece of that Feminine essence is the very spirit and soul of our own Mother Earth.

Healing and love must be brought to her here, so that she can renegotiate the trauma that she suffered in the beginning, and heal the wounds she has carried ever since. Once she is able to do this, it will enable the whole of Creation to heal, via its interconnected, holographic nature.

As this happens, as the healing light of the Prime Creator Pair finally reach the most long-lost parts of Mother — a process which is occurring within us right now, through the renegotiation of our “own” trauma, the Void that was created in the initial explosion will begin to close.

When this process is complete, there will once again be a Unity that will truly hold this Multiverse in its embrace, and make manifestation and form possible without needing the Void, or duality consciousness to exist within it.

Duality will still be an option to play with, but the Void will exist outside of Creation again, and Union will end up where it started, but this time with countless co-creators to play with — us!

Once this healing is complete, all of Creation will be free from the chains of traumatic imprinting, free to begin exploring truly new territory.

I think that the most important aspect of this story is the notion of God and Goddess as evolving primal beings, who’s energetic wake we are traveling in. Omnipresent, but imperfect personalities who animate and shape Creation in partnership with us, their offspring. In other words, we’re all in this together

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