Preface Part 2: The Structure Of This Grand Ol’ Multiverse and An Overview Of Its Inhabitants

From now on I’ll refer to Creation as the “Multiverse” as opposed to the “Universe” because the word Universe implies oneness and that’s not quite where we are at right now. There are divisions in the geography of Creation that can be useful to comprehend.

I’m certainly not the first to suggest that the foundation of reality is holographic and quantum in nature. This means that at the smallest molecular level, reality is a malleable, holographic potential that shapes our observable reality and responds to our actions and intentions. In a hologram, the smallest piece contains all the information present in the whole; it is by this function that the entire Multiverse is interconnected. This is how everything is literally One.

But there are distinctions.

Those Seven Spheres of Creation, those seven colors, also correspond to 7 Densities, or gradations of vibration. All life exists at one of these densities or another, and some life can willingly move between the different Densities.

There’s quite a few different traditions and ideas out there that explain how Creation is organized, and that’s all good. This is the one that makes the most sense to me so from here on out I’ll use the word “Density” and not “dimension” when referring to different kinds of beings and places. Here’s the basics…

1st Density — RED — The Density of Earth and Water consciousness. The first level of consciousness that emerges from the primal chaos of Wind and Fire. The 1st Density supports the emergence of all subsequent consciousness.

2nd Density — ORANGE — The Density of Plant and Animal consciousness. The origin of bisexual reproduction.

Beings here exist without the upward drive toward the infinite (cabbages and bunnies aren’t spiritual seekers or scientists, they simply exist).

BUT higher 2D beings, such as your dog or cat, your favorite tree, even a collection of mineral elements like a sacred building or monolithic structure, can develop 3rd Density consciousness by being invested with an identity by 3D beings like you and me — meaning meditate with your cat, or cherry tree; love it, attune with it, and nurture it’s personality, and it’s being may evolve into self- awareness.

3rd Density — YELLOW — The Density of self-consciousness, or awareness.

Most of us on Earth experience consciousness at this level of Density. This is the first level that supports the emergence of a Mind/Body/Spirit complex — us! Thinking people with an eternal soul that yearns, grows, evolves, and discovers itself.

This is the level of Density where choice emerges, millions of choices really, but the basic choice that underlies all others in this Universe is, “will my basic driving force be service to others, or service to myself?”

As we progress through levels of Density we refine that choice, and through this process of refinement we may experience not just the first three Densities of consciousness, but potentially the 4th -7th Densities as well.

It’s important to understand that the 3rd — 5th Densities contain both kinds of beings — beings who are positively polarized (service to others), and negatively polarized (service to self). In other words, it ain’t all “Love and Light” in the higher Densities, though the distinctions do become much more subtle and refined, and polarization completely disappears in the 6th Density.

4th Density — GREEN — The Density of the consciousness of unconditional love (which can be either towards others, or towards self).

Folks living here evolve through the understanding that both they and those around them are Creators, and they work together in soul groups to refine their experience by evolving into a “social memory complex” — consciously co-creating reality through a group mind — again this is done by both positive and negative polarities.

In the 4th Density positive and negative polarities function independently from each other, there is no need for the conflict of the 3rd Density, though there is occasional interaction between these groups, usually revolving around attempts by either side to sway the 3rd Density beings (us) to one polarity or another (“angles” and “devils” battling over our soul).

5th Density — BLUE — Much the same as the 4th, although the lessons here are all about attaining wisdom through working with social memory and the fabric of Creation individually, rather than as a group.

This is a place of intensification where, on the positive side of things, folks inclined towards service to others learn from 6th Density teachers, becoming more and more wise as they work to send divine light to the rest of Creation and to assist by sending communication through channels in the 4th and 3rd Densities.

There are some negative polarity beings who emerge into the 5th Density but their service-to-self has become extremely intense and the self has compacted so much that their dialogues with the 6th Density teachers are used exclusively in order to intensify knowledge, as these powerful, self-obsessed beings cannot attain true wisdom, nor can they participate in the other main function of the 5th Density, which is service to the lower Densities.

As in the Fourth, the polarities here are independent of each other and do not clash.

6th Density — INDIGO — The density of Unity Consciousness.

Here Positive and Negative are forced to come into union and take each other in, for there is no polarization possible in the 6th density. This is the realm where the Love and Light thing is actually true, for everything in this realm is expressed as a union of Love/Light, though there is still individuation and identity.

This union is easy for the positive polarity to do, but the few negative-polarity beings that manage to make it this far have a much harder time of it, for they simply cannot maintain their service-to- self orientation at this vibration. Eventually they either abandon the negative polarity, or they choose to fall in consciousness back to where it’s more comfy.

This is the realm of the Archangels, the guides and great teachers, the Ascended Masters who shine their light out into the other Densities.

7th Density — VIOLET — Union with Creator — no time, no identity, only oneness with All in an eternal present moment. Existing in All. The Godhead. All Good Vibes.

Most folks who access this don’t choose to stay indefinitely, after all the whole point of this grand experiment is individuation within Oneness, and the Seventh Density is just all Oneness all the time, which can get boring. But it’s a really nice place to vacation and recharge.

Another really elemental thing to grasp is the shape of the Multiverse.

Reality is spherical in nature, the only difference being that the electro-magnetic-gravitic field of the Multiverse is self-regenerating, resulting in a shape that is called a tube torus (fig. 1).

fig. 1 -Tube Torus

Since reality is holographic, all electromagnetic fields share this shape, including our own (fig. 2).

fig 2 — human energy field

The picture in fig.1 is still not quite correct though, in terms of the current structure of Creation. You’ll notice in fig.1 that everything is connected at the center and this is where we are headed, but not where we are now.

We must remember the Void. The initial explosion let the Void enter into Creation, resulting in a gap at the heart of the Multiverse, like this….. (fig. 3).

fig.3 — a gap in Creation

Remember the six expansions of Divine Consciousness I was talking about? These occurred because the Prime Creator Pair achieved union in the 7th Density, only to eventually look around and basically say, “Shit! There are parts of me missing! What the Hell is this hole doing here?!”

Each expansion has been an attempt to reach those missing pieces, and to close the Void, for the Void is only able to exist within this Creation because of the essence that has been lost to it. Take the entire notion of Divinity out of this for a sec and this model still works just as a natural phenomenon — an organism in the process of healing, or a damaged electro-magnetic-gravitic field moving to correct itself and re-balance — electric impulses drawn towards the gravity of the magnetic essence far away.

The first six attempts didn’t fix the gap (although they weren’t really failures because they resulted in the learning necessary to make this attempt, which is looking like it might actually work out). One of the reasons for this was because an evolution needed to occur in the understanding of how to work with essence that has been traumatized, which that first Feminine essence is. That energy holds the original wound, the original trauma.

The other big reason for these failed attempts is that whenever you expand bravely into the Void, into the regions beyond established manifestation, you are venturing into extremely dangerous waters, for that is the territory ruled by Ahriman and his Asuras, who will do their damnedest to thwart any attempt to bring healing and light into their home.

These demonic forces only act the way they do because they were made that way by being dumped into the Void. They were created with the notion that they should not exist, and so they don’t want anything else to exist either. In the meantime though, they can get a kind of “high” from absorbing the worst possible feelings. Think of the Dementors from Harry Potter — a pretty apt depiction of Asuras.

The more we bring Light into the Void, which we do by bringing awareness and love to the energies of Mother Earth, which we are currently interfacing with in the arena of our bodies, the more this redemption occurs. As we create space for, and bring healing love to the lost bits of Mama within and around ourselves, the Asuras who have preyed on her, and us also, become redeemed and reintegrated into Divinity.

However, the more this happens, the more the Asuras and their incarnate agents will try to defend themselves and thwart our efforts, which is why it’s always been such a difficult venture. This is also why most of Creation has a deeply held judgment that the 3rd Density, the level of Density at which healing must happen, is an inherently dangerous and violent place.

What’s So Funny About Peace, Love, and The Third Density?

Now let’s talk a bit about this dangerous 3rd Density of ours, the level of reality that most of us Homo Sapiens call home.

It’s a fleshy place. A messy place.

It’s also a place where you can create forms that stay solid and last, even when you don’t have your attention on them, forms that then go on to have an evolutionary life of their own. A place of incredible richness and thickness, it’s a level of reality which you can literally sink your teeth into.

We are all familiar with the fluid nature of dreams, how one thing can flow bizarrely into another, landscapes and scenery shifting like sand. That’s how manifestation can be in the higher Densities. Sure, you can create things by thought alone, but those things are then held together only by your thought, or by the collective thought of your soul group.

It’s not that civilizations that exist in these realities are always melting away and reforming; there are cities in the 4th and 5th Densities that have been around for millennia, like the legendary White City of Shamballa, and countless others. But these places are held together by collective group intention and could very easily disintegrate if that society willed it.

The fact that you can create a book, a building, a sculpture, or a piece of music that exists in a physical way, that lasts even when you or someone else isn’t paying attention to it, that has texture, odor, taste — this is what gives the 3rd Density it’s incredible richness and sensuality.

The downside to this is that all the difficult and painful aspects of life are also very solid, dense and more resistant to transformation.

Ancient wisdom and New Age thought, as well modern science, all tell us that our consciousness is a lens that determines how we experience reality, which I totally agree with.

But, there is also a belief in many of these traditions that the reason most people suffer and experience much difficulty and confusion in life is because they are stuck with the the lens of “body consciousness” — they think that they are their body and nothing more — when in reality we are infinite aspects of individualized Consciousness experiencing itself through infinite forms and scenarios.

I also think this is correct, mostly.

The distinction that I would make is that people suffer not because they identify with their body, but because they identify with a traumatized body. The painful experiences and confusion arise not from body consciousness, but from traumatized body consciousness, which keeps a person from realizing their infinite potential.

Our 3rd Density bodies are actually designed to move us through the world with lightness, ease, grace and pleasure. They are fabulous fleshy vessels created for us to experience this Earth in all of its incredible richness, diversity, and solidity. There is no other level of reality where one can smell, see, hear, taste, or touch in the way that we can.

They were also originally meant to be able to transform at will into whatever we desire through interfacing with higher Density consciousness. Truly being our body is actually the gateway to true freedom and infinite life.

So why does the 3rd Density get such a bad wrap?

Why do so many New Age books, thinkers, prophets, channelers, etc., refer to this level of reality as merely a school which we are destined to graduate from, so that we can be free to inherit a “higher” level of experience? Why do so many feel that the 3rd Density is a chain around our ankles that we must break loose from and escape? Why did I think the same?

The answer is trauma.

Remember all those damaged and frightened pieces of the Mother that exist in our corner of creation? Those pieces of Divinity are vibrating out at the edge of Creation, dipping into Hell, which we can feel especially intensely because of our Sphere’s closeness to the Void.

That traumatized material is here. The nasty energies that perpetuate and feed off of trauma are here. Yes, this level of reality can be chaotic, violent and painful, but that’s because this is where the healing needs to happen.

Hell, and those lost parts of the Mother, can only be reached and effectively redeemed by beings in the 3rd Density who can channel 7th Density consciousness into those depths. We are the ones interfacing with that trauma in a physical way, and as we say in my field — if you can feel it, you can heal it.

Getting To Know The Inhabitants Of Our Multiverse

One thing about living in an infinite, quantum, self-regenerating Multiverse — there’s room for all sorts of folks!

First thing to know — this consensual reality which we experience, the “World as we know it”, only encompasses a sliver of what’s going on. There are countless gradations of experience all around us that most of us cannot see or interact with.

It’s like electrons orbiting a nucleus — we know this occurs, yet we cannot perceive it without developing and utilizing specialized equipment.

The other levels of Density are much the same; they can be perceived and experienced but only by developing our own internal, specialized equipment — our intuition and inner sight, our chakra system and energy field.

There are countless types of conscious beings existing at the 3rd -7th levels of Density but there are only two main categories, which are Universal Archetypes and Incarnates.

Universal Archetypes are distinct personalities with a different kind of soul than Incarnates, and they exist primarily at the 6th and 7th Densities.

These beings have descending souls, while us incarnates have ascending souls.

“Up’ and “down” don’t really exist in a spherical multiverse, but what I mean by ascending and descending is that us Incarnates have souls that radiate out from our own unique center of awareness which, for most of us reading this, is in the 3rd density. Through evolution we can expand our experience (ascend) into different gradations of experience, all the way to the 7th Density.

The Universal Archetypes have souls rooted in the 7th Density and expand outward into creation from there — hence “descending”. The exception to this rule are the planetary archetypes — the fairies, whose souls are ascending.

Universal Archetypes are formed from the primal energies that make up the fabric of the Multiverse itself.

Universal Archetypes:

  • Unity : The energy of “Oneness” that existed before Creation and that still permeates and contains all of it’s countless divisions. Everything exists within this undifferentiated holographic field of the One, thus establishing the prime paradox of our experience — division within Oneness.
  • The Prime Mother and Father Energies : Also called Goddess and God, but I usually use the terms Mother and Father. These are the primal Feminine and Masculine Principles, the result of the first explosion of Unity that got this ball rolling.
  • The Christ Energy : The energy manifested from the perfect, balanced, loving Union of Mother and Father .
  • Body: The physicality and fabric of Creation itself — the most often overlooked part of Divinity.
  • Oversouls : Manifestations from the expansion of Prime Mother/Father Consciousness, “local gods” for each Sphere of Creation.
  • Archangels and Angels : The result of unions between the Mother and Father.
  • Asuras and Demons : The “fallen”, or denied aspects of various Archetypes, including fragmented aspects of the Prime Mother and Father.
  • Fairies : The Archetypal personalities of planetary energies.


The many, many kinds of beings with ascending souls, who exist in countless forms, primarily in the 3rd — 6th densities. The four basic types of Incarnate are…

  • Human : As you will read, the first Human type of being was created approximately 427 Million years ago. There are, at this point, many variations of the humanoid form but the main thing that distinguishes a Human is their DNA, which is constantly evolving and mutating throughout generations.
  • Reptilian : The other primary life form is the Reptilian which, you will discover, was around in our particular Sphere long before the Human type. Reptilians have a much more stable DNA which only minimally evolves or mutates on it’s own over time. The Reptilians, though, have produced some very clever scientists who have figured out how to perform genetic manipulations, resulting in many, many reptilian variants and clones.
  • Crossbreeds : Due to interaction and co-evolution, not to mention deliberate genetic manipulation over time, these two primary species have produced countless varieties of crossbreeds. These can include canine, feline, avian, insectoid, arachnid, aquatic, and amphibious life forms (and much more).
  • Other : Many beings from many races have evolved their consciousness over time to the point where they may exist primarily as a disembodied consciousness or a ball of light. They may also manifest physical bodies for themselves, or hang out as a tree for a few centuries, or become the souls of stars and planets. These beings can be easily confused with Angels and Archangels because they generally hang out at the same Densities and perform a lot of the same functions in terms of sending light and knowledge to the lower Densities, but they are still beings with ascending souls.