Practical Design Methods: Engine Approach to Service Design Thinking


Ref: A Service Design Consulting Firm.

  1. Strategy
  • Starting Out (Setting the Stage): Its important to us that all those involved are clear and happy about the project we are embarking on together. We will help you to build the project team and then bend our minds to understand your key people and the commercial and operational setting for the work.
  • Research: We build an evidence base for the project, supporting the evaluation of potential solutions later on. Ahead of visioning and design, we get inspired by your customers, their worlds, the world and the great services already out there influencing your customers expectations.
  • Vision Setting: This is the first big creative push. We seek out the core ideas that will drive your service forward. With you, we build a compelling vision and work with your senior leaders to set and align around the target customer experience.

2. Service Design

  • Concept: Once the ambition is set, we begin to imagine and define all the elements of the service that customers and front line colleagues will use and enjoy. We shape the overarching service proposition and customer journeys, across products and channels, designing an original and complete service design.
  • Requirements: Once the service and direction for the customer experience is scoped, we work with your experts and partners to translate design requirements into what will need to change for the people, pixels, places and processes you operate.
  • Planning: Plotting road maps and the programs to deliver them should be a customer-driven activity. We work with your delivery areas to carefully design road maps and projects that balance building capabilities with bringing a clear value proposition to market at each phase.

3. Implementation

  • Design Development: Once the broad requirements and high level service road maps are defined, we start the really fun bit — designing and making exciting stuff. We craft how the service and each element will work, how each will look and behave.
  • Testing: We guide the design and your teams through cycles of prototyping, taking the design to or through pilot.
  • Design and Program Management: It takes many teams in your organization to bring a truely multi channel service to market. We support you to define and grow the programe, and get others excited and involved. Our role is to help you start and keep everything on track, or simply to ensure that teams remain focused on the vision and the target design