He was to romantic about life, as he was about everything else

He was too romantic about his city, as he was about everything else.

Everything for him had a romantic meaning, a more profound statement implied within.

Not even a simple night out could be planned without a political view or opinion. “Live the city” is what he said. His point of view was something like this:

“You ought to live the city. Experience the city. Embrace it as a whole”

But what does it mean to live the city? You may ask. And to that he would reply with a passionate monologue, a little too passionate if you ask me.

“Live the city. Go around the streets absorbing as much as you can. Look at the population, notice how they live, observe their behaviors and habits, interact with the differences. Living the city means reclaiming what is ours, it is retrieving the public space that is our right. Live the city is shopping and consuming on local businesses, small shops and restaurants. That is a way of encouraging and improving the economy, making the city thrive on itself, and not dependant on big corporations. Living the city also increases its security, because if the street is filled with people, and everyone has his or her space, the crime rate will drop significantly. Living the city is the solution for all our problems, or most of it”.

He was too romantic. At least he used to be.

Now he seems and sounds as if he had lost his way. As if nothing was worth his attention and dedication.

Rodrigo was lost.

By lost I mean he wasn’t sure which way to go.

He wanted to feel challenged, he wanted to do something meaningful, he wanted to change the world. But then again, what is the point? Why bother?

But I must bother, I must find my way. Not because someone is demanding that from me, but because if I don’t, I will get crazy.

Living day after day just isn’t enough for me. Go with the flow is not an option.

I want a higher meaning, a higher purpose.

Not in a spiritual way, but more practical manner. I need a reason to put on pants and get out of my house every day, I need a reason to not watch youtube videos all day long and feel empty after it ends.

I need a project, I need something to dedicate myself, but what should it be?

I’ve thought about going into political areas, like producing content analyzing political news and candidates. That sounds like something I would enjoy doing.

Also, I have thought about telling stories, fictional and non-fictional. Maybe interviewing people on the streets, beginning by those people who stay on the street doing tricks for money. That sounds like fun, and maybe I should find my way into that.

The truth is, I need to make my own way, and that means working hard. And also studying hard. And, the most important of all, writing until the eyes fall off, so I better get on with it.