Sharing with the community

It’s exciting to be able to share with the community a discovery of a law of nature. It is a real discovery. Some people may think that all of the major discoveries have been made. And they think that all of the major discoveries are widely known.

Well, as unlikely as this may seem to the skeptic and even the pragmatist, a new discovery has been made.

It is a discovery that there are rules that govern how harmony can be achieved — there are rules in nature that govern how harmony can be achieved.

It is our hope, in this “medium” — pun intended — to bring to this community some information related to the numerous books we’ve written on the topic, while also using this to further develop what we’ve discovered. For those looking to jump ahead, you may check out .

(I also want to give a personal thank you to Georgios V. Efstratiadis for connecting to us on twitter. It was his website that led us to discover Medium.)

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