The value of

I just learned of last night and quickly set up a site. I know, I need to spruce it up a bit.

But I could not wait to post a short article about the issue of meaning and meaningfulness.

I read the post by Ev Williams, titled Renewing Medium’s Focus and I could not help but be impressed by comments, such as “We’re proud of Medium’s role in promoting intelligent viewpoints and new ideas no matter who they’re from, becoming the default outlet for thoughtful people who have something to say about the world.” The article explains how that vision stands in stark contrast to the Internet reality, as it stands today: “The current system causes increasing amounts of misinformation…and pressure to put out more content more cheaply — depth, originality, or quality be damned. It’s unsustainable and unsatisfying for producers and consumers alike….We need a new model.

What Williams is touching on is the topic of meaningfulness. Now, this word may seem like just another word. But this word has particular significance.

It is impossible to explain why we say this word has particular significance without backing up and explaining, summarily, the idea that we, Cathy and I, write about a law of nature, which has gone undiscovered until now.

The idea is quite simple. There are parts to harmonious relationships, systems, processes and organizations. Take the idea of parts to harmonious relationships. Much as there are parts to the human body which, in the healthy body, each successfully serve particular functions, so too, there are parts to harmonious relationships.

I won’t develop this point much further here. I’ll leave it to people to chew on (and digest) this idea. For now, I’ll simply add that acting meaningfully serves a particular role in the harmonious relationship.

As we develop this publication, we intend to share more about the ideas, ideas we write about in several books, including Creating Harmony.

But for those who prefer to learn a little at a time, we hope this blog and publication helps.