A Prayer for Guidance, Mercy, & Love


My heart aches and my soul is in anguish over your purpose and will. I feel so lost sometimes when I read about your great mercy and love for the needy and unloved. I look at my career and ask “Is this right?” I know I help people and can changes lives and show your love and glory, but is this where I am called? Is it my purpose to help people retire, vacation, send children to school, and live comfortably? In reading other's experiences in mercy and giving away expensive shoes to the homeless my heart began to ache, not for the homeless or the showing of love but because I thought of my $300 Allen Edmonds and how impractical they are for a homeless person. I began reasoning how I could give others and keep my precious shoes. O the hardness of my heart! How I long to love mercy but how I fail to embrace it!

Christ give me your heart.

Give me your passions.

Empower me to give up my precious possessions, status, wealth, and desire for worldliness and replace it with a passion for your glory, your gospel, your love.

The world will know you by my fruit, Father make it a good, healthy, beneficial fruit rather than one of selfish, indulgent consumerism.

Make me new.

In Jesus’ name.


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