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A Legacy of Steele
Letter sent on Jan 13, 2016

Welcome to a SWTOR experiment; we hope you’ll join in!

A few months ago I was playing SWTOR (Star Wars: the Old Republic) with friends and, as is typical of me, took advantage of a lull during a flashpoint (I think I was waiting for Thamus to make tea!) to do some in-character narration of sorts. I guess you’d consider it role-playing, but I’ve never done any serious role-playing in games. That’s not to say I don’t really get into whatever character I’ve got loaded — I do, and I enjoy very much seeing the ‘world’ through their virtual eyes.

When Thamus returned he laughed at some of the commentary I’d made (example: ‘Zalc finds he could very much use a nerfburger but, alas, there are no nerfburger joints inside the ancient Rakata temple.’). And sort of offhand, I said to him, “Would it not be extremely cool if our characters all had journals? So that we could follow their day to day thoughts? Imagine how funny that could be - and profound, even, when serious stuff came up.” Add to that the much more immersive story experience that the recent SWTOR expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, added, and my characters started to truly need to express themselves outside the confines of the chat box.

Well, from that humble observation came the inspiration for A Legacy of Steele. Steele is the last name all of my SWTOR characters share and I had always considered them, diverse and different as they are, a sort of adopted family. So I began to ‘journal’ for several of them. As the project, and my stash of Libre Office files grew, my son encouraged me to actually publish them online. He helped me research the best method to do that, for the time being at least, and next thing you know, we’ve got a publication.

Better yet, since Medium is a collaborative platform, I can openly invite readers to contribute ‘guest posts’ and commentary. So if you play SWTOR or even just happen to be a bit of a Star Wars geek, you can get in on the action. Just contact me and we’ll figure out a way to get your stuff included in a way that makes sense to the Steele legacy. In the meantime, enjoy - lots of material still to post (the graphics are a work in progress, thanks to my son, and will be improving over time) and more yet to be written, so stay tuned, game on and, uh, yeah… that line about the Force being with you, too.

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