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A Lesson A Week

Entertainment is Comfort

In a world where people work so hard and deal with so much, we all need some comfort.

I will go so far to say that entertainment only exists because we need comfort. There is a whole industry thriving by plugging the gaps in our mindless career pursuits.

To bring it down a few notches, I always felt that entertainment was simply a spectacle — that the more you were noteworthy, the better entertainer you were.

For so long I was completely against being on entertainer. You would have had a better chance getting me to rob 7/11 then go on stage or get in front of a camera.

And now I realize how much I limited myself. I had been staring at the ocean thinking the world was only blue.

The best reason to entertain is to make others comfortable.

I found I didn’t have to tap dance or be a comedian, all I had to do was make people comfortable.

It’s about providing a place and an outlet for people. It doesn’t have to be broadcasted around the world, it can just be one person.

It’s for making others happier.

Others will remember when you pulled the anxiety out of them, or made them feel good.

And when you help others out, you will help yourself too.

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