The Beginning

We aspire to change the world. We’ve all had brilliant ideas. Some that come and go and some that we feel quite strongly about. But small or large in our minds, these ideas fall by the wayside. We stare, powerless, at our papers and problem sets and, quite frankly, give up.

Introducing A-Level Capital! We are here to empower you.

A-Level Capital is the student-led venture capital fund powered by Johns Hopkins University (JHU) students. We aim to invest in early-stage companies founded by JHU students and young alumni. Backed by many of Hopkins’ most successful alumni, including prominent venture investor Dave McClure (Founded of 500 Startups), we’re building the funding pipeline to make your startup a success!

At our core, we believe that an entrepreneurial community must support its own members to flourish, and that by investing in our peers, incredible businesses will grow.

If you’re an aspiring JHU entrepreneur, we’d love to hear from you! (email or comment)

And if you have a startup idea, APPLY, APPLY, APPLY!!! Applications for the 2015–2016 funding cycle are officially open!