Welcoming New Writers

And happy new year

Photo by Pexibear on Pixabay

Hallo! Hallo! Is this mic on ?

Hallo! Hallo! Can you hear me?

Another year is here and we have yet another opportunity to list and share our favourite things.

Even though the past year was not the best for many of us, I feel we should at the very least be grateful that we have yet another shot at attempting to fulfil…




We all have things we love. And when we think about these particular things, it brings a smile to our face. What are those things for you? This is the place to share with the world a list of your favourite things.

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Gal Mux

Gal Mux

Lover of all things reading, writing, 🥭& 🍍 salsas, laughter, crypto, MJ & Beyoncé. Reach: galmux14@gmail.com https://www.buymeacoffee.com/GalMux

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