The Life I Don’t Regret

Thanks to the little ones.

A Little Bit Better
2 min readJul 5, 2021


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“Why want another universe if this one has dogs?”

The Midnight Library — Matt Haig

This short story is inspired by the fiction novel and the New York Times bestseller chapter title and quote above.

I often think of where I could have been and wish I would have made different life choices, but among all the stress and desires to be somewhere else, I am reminded that there might be another life where you two aren’t by my side. I wouldn’t want to experience that life because I remember what it was like to not know you. You’ve given me so many great memories, and you comforted me during the past year. There’s so much of you that I enjoy.

I remember when we first met

Walking into the local shelter for the first time or meeting a dog foster in a parking lot 45 minutes away

Your short and long hair, both a combination of black and white

You look like brothers

You were both excited and nervous

So were we

…unsure of what was about to happen, but deep down

We knew things were about to change for the better, and now

You’ve gained weight and no longer have to search for food on the street

You sleep for hours on your back

You sit and lay on the floor with me

You have a life-long friend you love to wrestle and cuddle

You used to be scared of everything and everyone but have learned you’re safe

I didn’t know dogs could smile so much, but it’s obvious when

You’re in the car and smelling the outside air as we drive

You meet seagulls and other dogs at the beach or park

You get cranky in the summer heat and

Somehow walk me back home to the A/C to plop on the floor

And after bath time when you zoom around the house then run for your toys

I didn’t know I could experience so much joy

I talk to you every day and you communicate in different ways

Your tails remind me there’s something to be happy about every day

Whether it’s waking up, sitting on the couch, walking around the block, or taking a nap

Your friendly bark reminds when it’s time to stop working and get some fresh air

You ground me and remind me that

This is the life I don’t regret living.

The little ones. (Photo by Amy)



A Little Bit Better

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