Why We Should Never Fear Failure

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We all hate to fail. Yet, we have failed at least once in our lives. For many, failure is a negative thing. It’s something that brings people down, closes doors, and only takes them further away from their goal. But, what if I told you that failure is the exact opposite of that? That’s right.

Firstly, failure tells us what not to do. If we do something and fail at it, failure just tells us that what we just did can be ruled out, and something new can be tried instead. It closes the door that will not help you, and only opens doors that say “hey, try me instead!” Failure is just a lesson in disguise. It may not taste good, but it’s important and valuable. It keeps ruling our options until the right one is found. If you look at failure from this perspective, you only go a step closer towards your goal rather than away.

Another thing that people fear is rejection. As humans, we have evolved to fear rejection. It’s part of our evolution. In the olden days, if we were to get rejected, we would be kicked out of our tribe, and be left to survive alone, without any form of protection. But today, that is no longer needed because we live in pretty safe communities.

Let’s say you have a bunch of rotting carrots in your fridge. Would you rather keep them in the fridge or throw them out? I bet you would throw them out. You don’t want them to be occupying that space, making the whole fridge stink.

In the same way, if you get rejected by someone, it’s good that they left. They are making way for people who will actually care. These people, who actually care and are supportive of you, will replace them. Now, you see once again that failure is just there to support us. It’s a process of ruling out things. If failure didn’t exist, why would success exist? how would we know the juiciness of success if failure didn’t exist?

It’s safe to conclude now that failure is just another learning experience. It doesn’t have to be feared, we just need to learn from it. Failure makes the best lessons in life.




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