Why You’re Stressed and What to Do About It.


You want certainty in the outcome.

You don’t feel that you’re enough.

It didn’t go well the last time you tried it.

You don’t know what to expect.

Tim Ferriss — Fear Setting

You have to have a courageous conversation.

You expect people to know what you want.

You’re afraid of delegating.

You can’t make progress on your self-care goals.

“Indeed, change often occurs when the pain of not changing becomes more unbearable than the pain of change”. — Benjamin Hardy.

You’re facing a severe challenge.

Final thoughts.

‘No one but you gets to decide how you react. And your reactions are the bricks by which you build the life you want’.



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Lori Milner

Author. TEDx Speaker. Trainer. Coach. Mother of two. Passionate about personal growth and creating work/life harmony.