📸 — Auckland & Mangawhai Heads, New Zealand

We started our journey in Auckland, and were so lucky to catch up with a friend of ours that we met in Nicaragua at our scuba diving certification! His family lives here part time and we had the chance to spend a few days with them before touring the Bay of Islands.

Before you gaze at the next collection of photos… know that New Zealand is BEAUTIFUL. Every 10 min you will catch yourself saying those words uncontrollably, and it is true throughout the country. So we took ALOT of pictures.. it was hard not to be excited about everything. 😉

Here is a look at the adventures we had with Mark’s family, and with Mark in his camper van touring the north of New Zealand.

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Note: the descriptive sign at the foot of our favorite dwarf at the airport. Also, this is how we plan, in a camper van, in a garage with Mark vaping.
Oli was VERY excited to have some craft beer, and it was extra delicious.
Oli getting out on the kayak
Walking the coast line.
So we got to this beach, and Mark says.. let’s have a competition….
So we created the official photography contest. We all had to take pictures, and pick our best one of the afternoon. Then when we got to the closest bar, show the bartender 3 photos (one from each of us) and who ever had the best photo, would win a free beer from the other two. Maeghan and Mark took the competition more seriously than Oli.
Photo competition is getting real.
The sand and how the water moves.
Mark making a GreyHound friend.
A beach full of broken shells and not sand.
FINALIST: For best photo of the day.
Double sun set.
If you must know… Mark won the photo competition with this shot. Taken on his iphone 8

We went to the bar, to ask the bar tender gentleman what photo was best of the three. But a lovely lady took over his shift, so the social engineering aspect failed. But! Mark did have a kick ass photo, that was asked if it was photo shop! but it was a creative angle of burst shot and throwing shells in the air.

Maeghan: slow 👏… well done Mark.

See more on our website www.alittledetour.ca🌏✈️👫