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Our Little Detour🌏✈️ 👫
A Little Detour
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We’re not going to lie, Maeghan was a little upset to learn that the Grand Budapest Hotel didn’t exist in real life…. but with everything that we heard about Budapest, she felt optimistic with the our next destination.

Budapest was fantastic. We walked around most days exploring the city and eating great food. There were so many different craft beer bars and bottles shops, this is the first time we didn’t have a chance to hit them all! Budapest was also super popular with stag parties and student travellers — I guess it is just that time of year.

We also hit a snag when we had our first encounter with bed bugs in our Airbnb downtown. But our skills as backpackers has reached a new level of awesome and we had identified the problem, found a new place, packed our bags and were out of there in under 15 minutes.

Other than that, we loved it here so much, we decided to extend our stay not once, but twice 😊

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From Slovakia to Hungary we go!
Everyone has the foldable scooters here, but this old man was killing it on his!
Our Airbnb — the most space we’ve had to ourselves in months!
Trendy food market across the street.
Langos burgers

On our second day in Budapest. Maeghan was sitting on the couch journaling and Oli was on his computer researching. We decided to switch places so we could recharge our devices and Olivier went on a hunt to find another power outlet. He looked behind the couch and noticed a tiny little bug on the wall in the living room…. it looked kind of like a bed bug…

So he grabbed a spoon, put the little guy in a glass and started a fine eye search to see if there was more. Well… there was.

Olivier found a dozen or so dead bed bug bodies (or a high confidence they were after looking at Google) and put them on a paper towel. Maeghan called the Airbnb host to ask him about this.. since Olivier kept finding more and more bodies and the skins of the bugs inbetween all the crevases of the couch.

Our host said they had bed bugs a few weeks ago, but had the exterminator come twice.. and not to worry unless we found a living one… and we did..

So within 15 minutes… we had their bags packed, space cleaned and they were ready to peace — with success. No bed bugs were carried and they found a new nicer Airbnb all in the nick of time!

All the Hungarian food. and the joke that never gets old… We are Hungry in Hungary!
The poutine was a huge let down.. they had the right cheese! but did something weird to the fries… #pickymontrealers
Budapest is split down the water. One side is called Buda, the other side is called Pest!
Art Nouveau
Walking around in Buda.
The prettiest parliament we’ve ever seen!
You can look in any direction and find something beautiful.

The 2nd largest thermal pools in the world next to Iceland. We hope to visit both!

House of Terror Museum, built on top of an old Soviet prison
The Iron Curtain — in reference to communist times in Hungary.
Hipster coffee.
Little craft beer heaven. According to Olivier.
Today’s haul
The best sign i’ve ever seen in my life.

We saw this and thought of all our PasswordBox friends❤️. Ping Pong was an intense sport in the office, we had two and there would always be tournaments.. or two co-workers battling it out. But this seems like a new level of ping pong!

Communist-era monument
These guys walked in a circle for hours… dedication.
NYC Cafe — a crazy line up to admire the ceiling. We just walked in and took a picture because who waits inline for coffee?!
Let us remember the crazy crazy people who love soccer so much that we heard them partying all night.

Ruin bar. Made in the ruins of an old building and furnished with only 2nd hand things. Also, has 18 bars in the one location — so you can go to the wine bar, gin bar, craft beer bar… etc. The best place for any group party!

Trying to frame it right…. .. get it?!
Mad Scientist Craft Beer!
Deciding which one to drink.. The Smooth Hopperator was a winner!
Looking at Pest, from the Buda side.

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Our Little Detour🌏✈️ 👫
A Little Detour

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