📸 Byron Bay & Gold Coast, Australia

We had some fun with the rain in Byron Bay (home of Chris Hemsworth) — a beautiful small surfer town that by day was filled with men, women and kids walking around the local shops, banks and restaurants in barefeet while sporting their swim gear. The rule “no shoes, no shirts, no service” does not apply here.

We stayed with a hip 50+ year old surfer gal who I believe looked so young because her lifestyle had no stress and was just surfing, beach walking and sleeping.

After that, the clouds seemed to follow us up to surfers paradise, Gold Coast. Both cities are known for their sunny days and beautiful beaches however, we did not have that picture perfect experience.

The rain comes for an hour or two, then clears up so although the locals keep assuring us the weather wasn’t normally like this… we really didn’t find it that bad.. heck it’s 28 degrees and in Canada it’s -30!

We went hiking in the forest, watched dolphins swim by the bay and lived through a bloody episode of Maeghan vs. leech.

We also got to meet our first koala, kangaroo and some other furry friends that call Australia home.

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When you look to the left, and when you look to the right.
Welcome to Gold Coast.
Rhea photoshoot. The happiest Australian Shepard we’ve ever met!
Biiiiggg Beetle
See more on our website : www.alittledetour.ca🌏✈️👫