📸 —Chania & Samaria National Park Crete, Greece

We took the Amtrek overnight ferry to Crete (one of the furthest islands) from Athens. The boat was pretty nice… cruise ship like.. but the pool had been drained, and the kids club had been shut down.. and most people just slept where ever they could find. We both got closed cabins — mine was with a family and 4 kids, Oli’s was with 2 very old, very loud snoring men. 😆

So we kind of slept that night. But when we arrived in Chania, we jumped right in to our first gyro — and it was delicious.

We wanted to get back into hiking — so planned a trip to the Samaria Gorge and hiked a 18km trek down the gorge and out to the ocean.

It was pretty awesome.

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Gyro — but on homemade bread. #delicious
Ruins everywhere
Looking for the lighthouse…. just kidding.
The Turkish Well — AMAZING restaurant in a super cute area of town.
The Samaria Gorge
But first, coffee.
Walk quickly… always a good sign.
The smallest distance between the gorges two walls.
18km in less than 5 hours — not bad!
The beach at the end was so hot.. people would run and burn their feet to get to the crystal clear water.
Ferry ride to another town to catch a bus back to our Airbnb.
All the small churches and houses built into the mountains
Legs were so tired, but after the boat came a bus back to Chania
The bus ride home with the best sunsets.
Next we went to the info centre and made plans to road trip. :)
See more on our website www.alittledetour.ca🌏✈️👫