📸 Corn Islands, Nicaragua

We welcomed December (2017) on the beautiful white beaches of Big Corn Island. A Caribbean-esk island that has a relatively untouched (and healthy) coral reef, less “Gringos” than Little Corn island, and access to more reliable power (aka… wifi).

But to our surprise, we landed the week of a tropical storm (level 1 hurricane winds!) so even though we finished our Scuba Diving theory training in the few days of rain/sun… we are waiting for the storm to pass to complete our PADI open water certification. With power only an hour or two a day — we’re feeling the island fever with the storm. After 8 days, we were able to get back in the water and complete our certification.

Guys… we’re certified scuba divers now!!!!!

Dos Tiburones Dive Shop was so fantastic, thank you friends for an amazing time on the island and helping us become scuba divers — we love swimming with the fish!
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It takes less than 30 min to drive around Big Corn on a windy day. Left: Big Corn. Right: Little Corn.
The beach and the road often meet.
Dive Cafe — one of two places on the island with a coffee machine.
Studying for our PADI Open Water — eLearning time!
Trivia Night’s and Hang outs at the Dive Cafe
Breakfast harvested from our front yard.
Coconut Bun — Delish.
There are no buses here.... but the taxi stops are awesome.
The view from our front deck.
Fresh lobster meal for $10. Sorry Red Lobster…
The beginning of a tropical storm.
[Giphy] Too windy to walk.
“Oli, I think I can fit him in my backpack…”
We thought the storm was clearing… JK
Christmas lasers while you eat.
Crab crossing the road 🦀
where the fish & lobster are stored before the fishers bid them in auction.
Fisherman’s corner
After the storm, Vanquish the boat was Vanquished.
Island Bakery
Glamping @ Los Escapados
Morning view — ready for some scuba.
During the storm, the island ran out of a lot of food, so we ate Chop Suey almost every day.
Chilled red wine cracks me up.
Our favorite island dog and furry friend — SAM
He’z gotz da BENZZZZZZZZ 😜
PADI certified divers right here.
A White Grunt — it makes a grunting noise under water.
You can see more on our website 🌏✈️👫