📸 — Day 3: Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

After a good night’s sleep, we hiked through the same village we did an evening stroll through. We decided to hike a new trail that opened just recently. So we went up into the rice fields and crossed several tiers when all of a sudden, Sonam started giving Prem a hard time in Nepalese… we didn’t understand why.

Prem pulls out his phone and starts calling people… we start walking back and forth when it starts to feel like we are lost.

Yes, we are lost.

After the road was built, alternative hiking trails were built and sometimes they are not as clearly marked as they could be. Prem was calling the locals from our tea house and asking where the trail is supposed to be. Sonam was carrying both our bags up-hill for 45 min and after we retraced our steps all the way back to the beginning, we met some school kids who helped direct us in the right direction.

We were lucky — kids go to school Sunday to Friday. So the fact that we were hiking on a Sunday and had some locals help show us the way was pretty awesome.

As we got back to the trail, we realized that we had hiked so far up the rice fields, that we were only one or two tiers away from the trail.. but didn’t see it so walked all the way back to the beginning.

Sonam was mad at Prem and officially called “friends off” for a few hours walking ahead. But when we got to lunch, it was a joke and all of us laughed at the 2-hour detour we made.

The rest of the hike was generally a plateau with the exception of a huge hill we climbed at the end of the day to bring us into the beginning of the altitude zone.

Day Three Summary:

Start time: 8:45am
Total distance: 20.3 km
Gherma → Tal

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Falling asleep to the sound of the water fall was pretty awesome. There was a hike you could do directly to the front of it, but after a day of hiking we decided to hang around, read and relax for the night.
The smog in the skies started to clear, I assume is it left overs from Kathmandu but it usually cleared about around later afternoon.

We met some girls in a mountainside village and I taught them how to make funny faces in pictures.

Many people never get a good printed photo of themselves — so you will see some printed and hung on the walls with such pride. Next time I come I’ll bring a Polaroid so I can give them to the kids as we pass by.

They were so cute and talking with all the hikers that passed by as their daily entertainment.
As you walk by the villages, they list out all the tea houses you can stay at along the way. You could stop as frequently as every hour or two.. or make it to key destinations to keep your trek on a timeline.
Maeghan ordered spring rolls… and these behemoths came out. They were twice the size of a hot dog each!
So many animals all around — goats and cows walk freely along the canyon but only have bells to notify local farmers where they are at.
This picture hardly does any justice to the stones.. but today on the trail, the path was covered in these rocks that shine like crazy! They break up and the dirt looks like someone spilled sparkles along the trail! It was awesome.
The road on the left, hiking the new trail on the right.
Towards the end of the day, the weather changed to be a bit less tropical, and cooler. The trees started to change with that landscape too.
We reached the rocky top and entered the high altitude trekking zone.
Lots of construction along the trail — there is a new airport being built in Pokhara, roads being developed and many new tea houses being built.
This is when Prem introduced us to the local game of Ludo. It is kind of like Trouble, or Sorry — but all locals have this game on their phone or a big board they play with. We decided to start an evening competition between the four of us.
Rooms still pretty nice, we have a seated toilet in our room and cold shower (The gas hot shower was in the main area).

See more on our website www.alittledetour.ca🌏✈️👫

A Little Detour

Hi there! Maeghan & Oli here - we're taking a break to travel the world and hope you'll join us for the ride. 🌏✈️ 👫 www.alittledetour.ca

Our Little Detour🌏✈️ 👫

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hi there! Maeghan & Oli here — we’re checking in from our around-the-world tour. See pictures here, read content here 👉www.alittledetour.ca

A Little Detour

Hi there! Maeghan & Oli here - we're taking a break to travel the world and hope you'll join us for the ride. 🌏✈️ 👫 www.alittledetour.ca

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