📸 — Day 4: Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Our Little Detour🌏✈️ 👫
A Little Detour
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The weather cooled and most of our morning was hiking in the shadows of the cliff side.

We passed dozens of waterfalls as a result of the glaciers on the mountain tops melting and you could feel their cool breeze as you walked past.

The day itself was pretty easy — we hiked mostly along a plateau and along the river side. The water of the river actually changed colours! Closer to Kathmandu, it is filled with garbage and the water is grey/brown. Further up stream you find the blue/grey and almost clear water in between the canyon we walked along.

Day Four Summary:

Start time: 8:23am
Total distance: 17.2 km
Tal → Timang

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These are Buddhist Prayer wheels, you walk to the left side and pass your hand along them to spin which has inscriptions of the local prayers.
Watching the latest bridge being made. Looked sketchy AF.

The road was flooded with a new waterfall so we had to walk cliff side to avoid few inches of water. We had hiking boots so looking back… probably would have been safer to walk directly through.

A local farmer was herding her goats and one of them got stuck behind a fence. Oli used his walking pole to try and scare it out to the hole to be reunited with the group. After a few min of trying, the woman figured it out and was back on the road, crossing the bridge to get the goats home.
There are SO MANY PUPPIES along the trail and they like to follow you (in hopes of food) but also to join your wolfpack as you move between villages.

We stopped at a local tea shop and met a single father with two twin girls. They were sitting and playing with each other and we couldn’t help our hearts melting for them.

As her sister laid there, Maeghan made goofy faces and sang kids songs for the other one to laugh.

Fried potato and onion. Maeghan’s stomach started acting up and she tried to stay away from the spiced foods.
As we walked, Maeghan kept noticing pieces of clay on the ground. Turns out, they are building new power lines across the valley and many of the wire coils break along the way (left image), and that was where the clay was coming from.
Our safety standards in Canada are so different.
We had lots of stairs to hike today — Maeghan wished she had done more stairmaster practice.
Lone horse hanging out on the road.
Maeghan loves trees. I can picture her as a senior writing the trees she has identified in her journal. This is her staring at one and discussing its unique attributes
Our room had a nice view, but our toilet situation had only one option: squatting.
The region of Annapurna is filled with apple trees so we enjoy apple pancakes and strudel for dessert.

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Our Little Detour🌏✈️ 👫
A Little Detour

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