📸 — Disneyland, Hong Kong

Maeghan came to Disneyland HK 10 years ago during her study exchange. It was a highlight back then, but this time around considered skipping Disney for this visit.

But during our little detour, we are rarely able to spend time apart. Logistics are complicated, the location isn’t the safest for solo women or we have a set schedule. But on our last day in Hong Kong... Maeghan decided it was going to be a ME! day and Disney was on the agenda.

The park is much different from what she remembers but overall, totally worth it.

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Boy was I out of my league — most people in line to meet Mickey had prop bags… filled with stuff animals, bags, signs etc that they would take out for their photo shoot with Mickey & Minnie.
Since I was alone, a selfie was fine. But they insistent that I pose for a few pictures.
Left: 2009 Maeghan Solo visit… Right: 2019 Maeghan solo visit.
The Asian Disney Parks are totally different than American. First off, everyone has coordinated couple, family or friend outfits. They also all have HUGE cameras and document their day in so much details it makes this look like a lame effort. But Maeghan tried to convince Oli these are shirts we could wear to DIsney Shanghai :D

Last time Maeghan came, the character Stitch from Lilo and Stitch was the main attraction of the park…. but this year.. a new character we’ve never heard of is king. Duffy the Bear. He has two stores dedicated to him dressed as other characters, as well as his own Disney ice cream treat!

The castle is under construction — but they kept the front facade visible for pictures.
I’m serious when I said there were no line ups… everyone was busy taking pictures!
Maeghan found Canada, with Pocahontas on its a small world.
Tomorrow land had jedi training and a real moving R2D2!
Everything is a photo op there. You try to walk back and grab your phone, then they say “another photo!”
Space Mountain had no line up… it was un heard of and went on it 4 times in a row — it was pure magic.
The new Ant Man ride opened March 31st this year.. there was no one there so Maeghan used both guns to play!
Iron man asked who my favorite avenger was… he was unimpressed to learn it wasn’t him.
Classic Jungle Cruise.
the shops here are baller! Brand names selling disney branded stuff.
2009 vs 2019.
also — shout out to the mainland friends who Maeghan never had the chance to meet again.
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