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Gili Trawangan or “Gili T” is one of three small islands beside each other. Mark flew out from New Zealand to meet us here for some scuba diving!

[Side note: He loved it so much that he ended up blindly signing up for his Master Diver’s and working on his highest level of suba-diving-ness…]

Gili T is a lot of fun and has incredible sunsets, awesome food and a ton of diving. Most tourists come for just a day or two to party.. but if you’re into diving... this place is heaven. There are 20 sites around the 3 islands all no more than 20 min away by boat. On one of our dives, we saw (I’m not joking..) 15 turtles!!! And one hit Maeghan in the back of her arm as it was pushing it’s way under her to get the perfect sunbathing / resting spot.

Indonesia has been one of the best places we’ve been able to dive and we ended up staying a week diving every day since it was cheap, full of so much life and way too much fun. Maeghan’s buoyancy has improved as well as her photography, so some of her turtle shots are ones she is really proud of.

At first we were nervous about leaving Bali and coming here since it’s currently Ramadan and we assumed most things would be closed (Indonesia is a mainly muslim country). But depending on where you stay, you can expect every night to hear equally loud music of the bars next door, and the sound of muslim prayers being recited all night through the speakers around the mosque that is right behind the bars. But beyond that... the island runs pretty much at full throttle.

On a separate note, during Ramadan there are far less tourists which makes everything about traveling more special as you feel sometimes like you are the only one 😊

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Drone shots!
whos beer is whos? 😆
The north side of the island and daily view.
The nicest water we’ve seen in all our travels

Mark joined us in Gili T for a week of diving, and took some photos for 3rd person perspective!

The south side of the island watching sunset.
Drone shots :) Thanks Wall-e!

On this dive, we saw 15 turtles :) The site was called “Turtle Heaven” Maeghan loves turtles, they are just too cute and fun to watch.

Cuddle Fish — was hunting its prey and then saw us and tried to blend in.
HUGE healthy green turtle — at least 3.5 feet long!
Little box fish — super cute!
Maeghan’s favorite picture (left bottom) taken under the sea.
Nursery of three white tip reef sharks
Tiny crab living in some anemone (left) and right an Orangoutang crab
Mark coasting along upside down
When the drift is strong, grab on to a rock and enjoy the water friends
Maeghan’s 2nd favorite underwater shots. The lighting was perfect 14 meters below surface
Scorpion Leaf fish! super hard to find.
Mark and the turtle at the pinnacle of turtle heaven
The day mark signed over his life to become a Dive Master.
Horse ride through town
Last night and sunset at Casa Vintage

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Our Little Detour🌏✈️ 👫
A Little Detour

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