📸 — Isle of Skye Road trip, Scotland

We timed it just right to visit Isle of Skye during the forecasted sun! But the thing Maeghan is most excited about sharing is her encounter with some Highland cows. They are so beyond adorable and had two little babies along side them.

Isle of Skye is absolutely beautiful and we can only imagine how busy it must get in high season. The “largest town” on the island was pretty much all closed down because of slow season, but it meant that we could enjoy traffic free road tripping, breathtaking hikes and amazing food without having to make a restaurant reservation.

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Hellloooooooooo says the cow.
Maeghan named her Justine Bieber.
We went to dinner and Oli wanted to learn how to put a spoon on his nose… Theresa tried to show him and it fell to the floor.
Lamb shank for dinner.

The hike that Oli has been waiting to do for a while is called Old man of Storr and we again lucked out with a sunny day. Keep in mind the weather changes every two minutes… so pictures go from super sunny, to cloudy, to a spit of rain, to back to 100% sun! Either way, the hike was awesome and a group favorite of the trip.

Parts of the hike were super boggy, but we managed to find a way around and mostly keep our boots dry.
We’ve rarely gotten photos of us from a third party perspective. Thanks T for all the great shots!
There is a point of the hike where you are about to summit the mountain but cross through a wind passage. It was so strong it almost pushed us over… Oli used the chance to practice flying… The wind was strong enough that you could lean into it and not fall.
Isn’t this insane?

Then we tried to take nice pictures — but it was SOOOOOOO windy, all of them kind of look awkwardly the same.

The hike down the sun was back out and glowing. How can it be that its warmer here than in Calgary / Montreal right now!?
We saw lots of rainbows on our road trip
We did a drive around the isle of Skye and the landscapes changed dramatically with every 20 min that passed by.
Kilt Fall. In the summer you can spot whales and dolphins here!
The sheep have no fear of cars — but when you get out to pet them the run like their life depended on it :P
Portree, a small fisherman village that is so picturesque by night.
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