📸 Lake Atitlan & Río Dulce, Guatemala

We rang in 2018 by the water. Lake Atitlan is the place all the Guatemalan’s and folks from El Salvador visit as its a change of scenery from the volcano and forest; to the volcanos, forest and water.. to be completely isolated from “the big city”. Lake Atitlan has towns around the lake, each one with it’s own culture and vibe — different from the other. We then made our way to more water in Río Dulce for a travel detox.. limited wifi, no amenities… just us, our dutch friends, the howler monkeys and the river. We went kayaking in the reserve and enjoyed a simple slow paced end of 2017.

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Hey Lake Atitilan! It’s the Jennifer boat — and I was thinking of my sister.
The town of Panajachel had all these random streets / alleys. Navigating was an adventure.
Took the boat across the lake to San Marco to tour the “Hippie town”.
Guatemalan coffee with a view of volcanos surrounding a lake.
Got a shot of the volcanos in Oli’s eyes.
The markets were full of beautiful textiles, beads, leathers and colours.
The town was filled with art and decorations.
developing lake front properties.
Christmas in the sun.
Everywhere you go, you see these boards of people promoting experiences… “Mushroom farming” “Futuristic Meditation” and so on.
Yoga hut.
The ferry to each town costs 20 Quonsets or less.
Visited the town of San Pedro — tons of expats and full of colour.
Venezuelan food in Guatemala — BBQ Pork sandwich with cheese
Oli playing with the camera settings.
stopping for a coffee and the view.
Boat rides in between towns.
Japanese dinner — super fancy and we had the whole restaurant to ourselves… and the only clothes we have make us look like backpackers....
The corner stores are the most organized things i’ve ever seen in my life.
Sunsets in Panajachel are incredible.
That time we walked 2 hours to go to a hot spring.. and it turned out to be a 4 foot circle with one hot rock shared with 5 people. It was nice!
On the way to Rio Dulce a boat picked us up to take us to our river jungle house.
View from our room.
Hey hey Rio Dulce!
deep conversations.
A natural hot spring.
Hot water waterfall was 30 degrees!
Kayaking in the jungle.
The Monkey Reserve — we saw a troop of them with babies!
Our Dutch besties :)
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