📸 — Lake District, Manchester & Nottingham, UK

We have been debating for a while on the best way to wrap up our trip. Initially, we thought after London we would only stick to the east coast and fly out a bit earlier but instead we planned a great road trip through Wales, a short tour of Ireland and then working our way down from Scotland to Manchester to catch up with some friends we made at the very beginning of the trip!

Timing all worked out perfectly, and weather was on our side this entire trip with the exception of one hike in the Lake District, which had the most British of weathers.

Flo and Rich are a couple living in Manchester who we met backpacking in Nicaragua. We kept in touch our entire trip and continued to give each other tips on travel spots or places to eat and explore.

Flo told us about how beautiful the UK is, and she convinced us to spend 4 weeks exploring! But no trip is complete without a stop over in the beautiful lake district which is where we met up for the first time in over a year.

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The roads are tiny, but there is this one view point you have and we arrived right at golden hour (when the sun begins to set and all your pictures are instantly awesome).

Adjusting with the colours a bit.
The colours were so vibrant and the drive was gorgeous. We did not expect anything like this.

We spent the night in Ambleside, a cute little town central to all the hikes. After a good night sleep we made way to hike a 3 summit mountain hike!

We were off to a rocky start and went the wrong way.
It was quite warm, 11 degrees for the hike but the clouds ahead at first seemed like they might pass.
“You all have such nice teeth!” — friend of friend.
Maeghan had back problems so the up hike was hard but she pushed through.
Then the skill level really kicked into gear.
We met some friends along the way.
Then the clouds really started to close in.
Walking through the old abandoned slate mine.
now this is the point where Maeghan realized she was the slowest one on the hill.
British weather.
Then things got interesting… it started to spit rain, and the wind picked up.
Then it got to a point you could only see a few feet in front of you.
The wind was so strong we had to be careful where we stepped.
We briefly saw the scenery from up top! A nice lake! So beautiful! What a view!
Then we reached the first and second summit, with a nice white view, but by the third, the clouds decided to just stay on the mountain and pour rain, but off in the distance the sun came out for a cool view.
Standing here you could literally see the clouds rolling above you.

The rain got so bad, all our waterproof clothing and boots eventually breached, leaving us all soaking wet wet. It took 2 days to dry our boots and clothing. Rich had to run ahead to stay warm and we had the best cure of soup and scones at a pub at the end of the hike.

Now, this was a 4 hour hike mainly uphill… we’ve decided that Flo and Rich are machines and that Oli and Maeghan have a lot of work to do to keep up!

The next night we drove to Manchester. We met Oscar the cat and played the most doctor game ever… pandemic.
The next morning Flo took us into Manchester to explore.
All the Christmas markets were in full swing!
We stopped at a few coffee places and had a stellar breakfast. Some of the best we’ve had all trip!
Manchester was best known for the cotton industry growth and that all the buildings are made with red bricks. They have some really cool architecture and design.
We stopped by The John Rylands Library. It is a Library opened by a woman who inherited her late husbands fortune.
Serious top had business.

After Manchester, we drove down to Nottingham for a special stop. Warhammer World. We stayed the night and walked around the town, but the main attraction was an exhibition of thousands of Warhammer pieces painted by insanely talented people that Oli couldn’t wait to see.

Maeghan thinks of Warhammer World like Disney World… but Disney has rides.. Warhammer has a bunch of really patient, talented and dedicated dudes/dudettes.

After that, we made our way to Gatwick… because tomorrow, we are heading home.
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