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The count down is officially on. When we touched down in London, we had 29 days left of our little detour around the world and man, we felt the reality of that for the first time.

First off, some friends we made at the very beginning of our trip are currently settled in London, so we had the chance to catch up and hang out. Second, some Montrealers & Calgarians also happen to be in the area so catching up with them had us thinking and reminiscing about home.

Lastly, we have planned almost every day left on the trip which is has been strange since we typically don’t plan more than 2–3 days in advance. But with just a few things left to see, and with timings we need to align… things started to feel real.

We spent a lot of time in London with awesome people, and saw a ton of stuff that we’ve always previously seen on the TV.

Here is our whirlwind of a trip through London.

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Almost missed our flight because Maeghan wanted a pumpkin spice latte… The UK sure looks green for mid-October!
Made it and all was good. Even the man behind Oli seems to agree.

Our first night in London was a total treat. Elliot, a friend from Montreal was randomly in town for work the same time as us. We had no idea he was here until our Instagram stories were posted (the most millennial thing ever…👻) .

Elliot joined us for a drink and we introduced him to our awesome friends Chris and Breezy who we met in Nicaragua at the start of our trip in Nicaragua.

Chris spoiled us to a beautiful dinner in South Bank and needless to say, we had way too much fun.

After an amazing dinner, we went out on the town to explore by night!

This is Tower Bridge… that everyone calls London Bridge.. but true story… it’s not.
The fancy Shard — we tried to go up for dinner, but ended up at a casino instead..
At this point… it was late. But Chris had one more adventure for us before making his way back home.

We walked until we found the filming place of the Kingsman club. You can tell by our faces, we were super stoked to be here.

The next morning we went out for a solid english breakie.

We went to this tiny restaurant located underneath the train. Every time a train passed, the walls would shake and our coffee would have ripples.
We walked to the big attraction — Elizabeth Tower!

This tower is known as“Big Ben”, but Big Ben is only referring to the bell inside. It’s actually called the Elizabeth Tower and like the rest of our trip in Europe, this major attraction was under construction… so we got to enjoy the scaffolding.

This was a group of women who started dropping it like it was hot for the bag pipe player.
The London Eye!

We’ve been lucky to have our friends help us plan our trips :) Asking for recommendations on Facebook helped us find Borough Market and we got awesome treats for our walk around town.

The decorations are totally clashing — a combo of Halloween and Christmas fill the streets in mid October!
The sun was out most of the day, but for about an hour or so, a gloomy cloud would come over.
and our first day of rain in probably 3 months!
Maeghan was upset that her sister from another mister, Meghan Markel was out in Australia doing royal stuff… so we checked out the palace in her absence.
The flag is up, so that means the Queen is home!
Walking around Hyde park and checking out all the Canadian memorials.
We stopped by the Diana memorial, a water fall / bath you can put your feet in.
This was also the moment Maeghan almost died while crossing the road.
We went to check out Camden Market.
It was a total treat! The food and stores are awesome and there is so much fun stuff to see.
The Oreo Milkshake cupcake with glitter was amazing. We make great life choices.
We did a few market hops, so much fun stuff to see
This body stuck out of the wall and is on brick street — this is where every restaurant says “ Best curry in London!” “5 star review!”
Hanging out with the Canadian geese.
Maeghan was a bit bummed not to see the tall black hatted men at Buckingham palace… but while we were walking in the park two just appeared! Apparently they are official guards and came dressed up to cheer on a friend running in the local cancer fundraiser walk. They were so kind and let us take a picture with them.
18 degrees by day, and cooling down to 15 by night. Not bad for October — everyone had us worried about rain and cold!
Giants in the sky.

Next day we went to Westminster Abby. It was definitely a highlight of our time in London.

The Westminster Abbey is most famous for it’s royal weddings, coronations of kings and queens, and the burial place for many historical figures.

This was located in one of the oldest areas of the Abbey, dating back almost to the foundation of the Norman church by Edward the Confessor in 1065.

We paid the 22 pounds per person to walk around and it was so worth it.

I pulled these pictures from their website since you are not allowed to take photos inside the building. There is so much stone work and memorials that if everyone uses their flash camera, it would destroy what is left.

This altar actually moves and you can walk through — this is where the royal wedding isle was.
This is Queen Elizabeth I tomb with incredible detail. On the right is a memorial of a husband fighting off the demons who is taking his dying pregnant wife.
Some additional famous people buried here — Charles Darwin, and in the poet’s corner, a statue of Shakespeare
This is where the cardinals all sit and is on the opposite side of the main gold altar. Today choirs typically sit here and sing during service.
The one tomb stone covered in flowers is the only one you cannot walk on — it is the tomb of an unknown solider.
This is at the very back of the building and by far one of the coolest rooms. Oli loved it because of the coat of arms above each seat and the plaques naming medieval families. In the back you find the tombs of almost all the Tudor dynasty.
On the left, is the inaugural chair! and on the right, the floors are covered in tomb stones.
Britains oldest door — how cute :)
Walking by the Parliament building, there was a small protest regarding Brexit. The following Saturday there was a big protest of 100K people that we missed on our way out of the city!

We decided to check out the Parliament building, but it was closed for tours. The guard asked us if we wanted to attend as General Public in a actual debate which was super cool and we took him up on the opportunity.

Heading through to the House of Commons.
Like everything in Europe, it is under restoration.
We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, so here are a few pictures of the rooms.
This is the House of Lords. The debate we saw in this room was about music classes being offered by churches and integrated with school systems. The picture hides the crazy details of the walls and roof — all gold and covered with kinds and knights looking down.
This is the House of Commons. We expected to hear more intense discussions about Brexit, but it turned out that the debate topic was adding “National Menopause day”.
It was really cool to sit in on the debates and gave us a really awesome view of what goes on inside. You can tell by London’s buildings… they were rich and owned 1/3 of the world at one point in time.

On night #2, we caught up with some Mount Royal (MRU) classmates! From Calgary to London they’ve been living out here the last year. We also caught up with a friend we made in Montreal, Nicole, who also just moved out there to plant some new roots for her career.

Its super interesting to catch up with expats and listen to their stories about moving away from home. We also talked about travel, work and anything else fun that came to mind.

Magic was in the air as we got to King Cross station. There is a platform 9 3/4 sign you can pose with and a shop you can get a wand from. We wanted to go to the Harry Potter studio outside of London but the thing is sold out for the next 3 months!!! We hardly plan 3 days ahead let alone 3 months…

Then it was time to catch up with our buddy Grant who we promised to from day one of our trip that we would come and visit. He is a good friend and co-worker from our PasswordBox days is killing it out here in London at a new startup called Beamery. He showed us around his new digs and then took us to the best pasta place down the street. It was delicious ❤

Then our last day we walked around and checked out a few museums and parks along the way.
The Natural History Museum.
A real meteor!!! Its the side of a small chair!!
Checking out more rocks.. but shiny ones this time.
A Whale of a tale.
Then we stopped by the National Gallery. It’s awesome, all museums are free so we could walk around and soak in more than we had initially planned.
The architecture in this building is incredible. That is even worth the visit.
Leonardo Da Vinci and his early work.
The detail in some of the pieces was out of this world. And dates back hundreds of years ago.
This cracks us up — Van Gough had a fan section… all the people taking pictures. Personally, we don’t really get what all the hype is about.
Arms museum.
There is a memorial to Amy Winehouse… and turns out she was super tiny. Like…5'3 tall!
We enjoyed all the various markets, music and pubs. But we left London on a road trip through Wales — so we’ll be back again soon!

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A Little Detour

Hi there! Maeghan & Oli here - we're taking a break to travel the world and hope you'll join us for the ride. 🌏✈️ 👫 www.alittledetour.ca

Our Little Detour🌏✈️ 👫

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hi there! Maeghan & Oli here — we’re checking in from our around-the-world tour. See pictures here, read content here 👉www.alittledetour.ca

A Little Detour

Hi there! Maeghan & Oli here - we're taking a break to travel the world and hope you'll join us for the ride. 🌏✈️ 👫 www.alittledetour.ca