📸 — Mt Bromo & Ijen Java, Indonesia

We were running out of time on our Indonesian visa because we spent quite a bit more time diving and enjoying the island life than initially planned — but that’s ok. Based on a friend’s recommendation (Merci Bibi!), we found a company willing to pick us up at an airport on Java island, and drive us to hit 2 major landmarks in 3 days: Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen.

Both are active volcanoes, and you essentially want to be there before sunset to see the spectacle. In the case of Bromo, it’s a perfect sunset hitting the 3 volcanoes that are standing in the middle of a barren land, and in the case of Ijen, it’s the 600 degrees hot blue flames bursting out of the sulphur mine located at heart of the crater.

We did not get much sleep, but it was definitely some of the most impressive things we’ve ever seen.

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Next to Mount Bromo, a city in the clouds, sitting at 2200 meters above sea level
Mount Bromo
On the right, the moon.

So our tour started with a 4 hour drive up to Mount Bromo National park where we slept for a few hours and got ready to hike at 3:00am.

Tons of tourists, as expected
Clouds rolling in
Time to hop in our jeep to hike the volcano!
Almost there!
It’s REALLY active up in there.
Getting ready to hike Mount Ijen at 1am
Toxic gas ain’t gonna stop us
The blue fires of mount Ijen, where the sulphur miners work
One of the miners took my camera into the toxic clouds and flames to take some pictures of what its like.
A local miner harvesting sulphur. It pours out of the ceramic pipes a red hot liquid, and turns to a yellow rock as it cools down
Next to the sulphur mine, the most acid lake in the world, with a pH of 0.5
A miner’s typical payload is 75 to 150 kg. It’s a 2 hours hike back to base camp.
We asked Budi’s boss to take a picture for us. This is what we got. I guess the 6 ft club wasn’t made for photos.
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