📸 — Oslo, Norway

We had two more days in Oslo before parting ways with Theresa (she is heading to Poland, and we are off to Sweden!).

But we got a stellar Airbnb and the sun kind of sets now so we get to sleep (the midnight sun is finally setting at 1130pm!) and had the chance to check out a few museums / areas of town we hadn’t had the chance to visit the first time around.

We loved the Oslo Opera house performance. Olivier and the singer had a moment when she walked up to him during the performance and sang inches away from his face 😂

Also the Nobel Peace Museum had an incredible traveling exhibit called Generation Wealth that was eye opening and troubling. It is If you have the chance to see it — we highly recommend you should.

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Maeghan & Olivier’s random talent for dancing and the opera performance at the Oslo Opera House!
The most beautiful piano Maeghan’s seen!
Oli and Theresa started eating at the same time… but someone was hungry.
Nobel Peace Museum.
Pulled from Google- the entrance of the museum.
One Canadian has won a Peace Prize, and only 16 women!! there are 88 male recipients and 22 charity / organizations.
Some random moments Theresa captured.

The last day in Oslo involved McDonalds, Magnus & Martinis and our bags — ready to go to Sweden!

Magnus and Martinis are the Justin Beibers of Norway and they are “SOOOOO CUTE!” says Maeghan.
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