📸 — Oslo, Norway

Our friend Theresa offered to meet up with us somewhere in Europe which we were super stoked about. At first, the plan was to explore Scotland…but timing and seasonal restrictions seemed to impact us down the road…. and instead we changed our meeting point to Norway!

Olivier was super stoked about this destination and made a bunch of plans across the very very long country. It involved visiting the Arctic Circle, the booming shores of Bergen and some water adventures through the fjords (also, how fun is the word Fjord?!).

When we arrived to Oslo, it was short and sweet with not much sleep. We stayed in a super trendy Airbnb that had white curtains which normally isn’t a big deal.. but in Norway in July… it is the land of the Midnight sun and the sky never gets dark…

All of us were running on low power mode — but lived the city life for a few days before catching our next flight to the North.

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Prague 🛬 Oslo
Baby swans under the bridge! Sooo cute!
Lots of colours.
Maeghan’s first reaction… “Ummm…..Thor’s Hammer?!?”
Their award winning Opera house
Europe’s smallest stock exchange building!
Old town Oslo
Haunted restaurant.
Tour of City Hall, which hosts the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony
Nobel Peace Prize space and local art. Very different from what we’ve seen through the rest of europe
Like twins.
When you win a Nobel Peace Prize, you get to stay at a fancy hotel down the street and enjoy the ceremony here.
The most random… interesting… park filled with 300 unique statues.
Baby boss?
Theresa offers to take pictures of us. We’re undecided if that is a good thing #weirdos
Yup. A tall statue of piled up naked people
McDonald’s on track!

We booked an 8am flight which we thought would be no big deal, but when you get very little sleep, and have to be up to catch the airport express train and drop off your keys to your Airbnb at a different location…. a 5am wake up call seems impossible 😂

Heading to Tromsø
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