📸 — Panglao, Bohol Island, Philippines

We did no research for almost 3 weeks due to the limited wifi in Nepal. After the hike was finished, we weren’t really sure where to go. Monsoon season starts hitting most of Asia at different times over the next few months, so the search is complicated — you really want to make sure you’re not headed towards non-stop rain.

Maeghan had heard some great things about the Philippines and thought maybe a warm beach and diving break would be a good start to our transition back to real life and recovery from a long trek.

So we booked a flight to Cebu in the Philippines for 2 days… and figured we’d make a plan once we get there. We arrived quite late, and decided to go walking around down town Cebu at midnight to find a McDonalds that was 10 min away…

The decision was regretted as the city is a different place that late at night.

We stayed in the tallest apartment in the city then made our way to Bohol island for a few days and boy, were we in for a surprise. As we went to book our boat ticket — everything was sold out and prices for accommodations seemed more expensive. Turns out the Philippines is largely catholic, and we were going into one of the very touristic islands for easter or other wise known as Holy week. It was busy as hell.

We still managed to find some dive shops with availability and loved our time here, but we were ready to island hop to somewhere a bit more quiet.

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At the Horizon’s Apartments Cebu City — 60 Stories high.
Turning Wheels Brewery in Cebu City is down a weird alley, but has solid beer and chess… Oli loved it. The owner moved here from L.A. and we had a great time chatting with him.
The line up for the ferry was crazy, only seats available were business class ($20) but it was air conditioned and quiet.
We got to the island and our first line of business was riding a tryke (Tricycle version of a tuk-tuk) to the other side of the island. Why? Well, we’ve never been on one before. The experience in hindsight… more scary than we thought.
First night, first sunset.
The mango here is unreal. Smoothie bowls for breakfast.
Tryke line up. They all ask if you need a ride, even if you decline the first guy, the second guy and even the third.
Fish taco, ceviche and grilled fish… excessive?
Found a dive spot with some space to take us out to the house reef!
Scorpion Fish *Left* and Saddle Fish protecting his home.
Sea cucumber eating away this morning.
Some nudibranchs hanging out on the bottom.
Our walk back to the hotel everyday was filled with animals. ducks, chickens, goats, dogs you name it.
Oli has a way of finding the cool spots, this is Ken’s a local craft beer bar with an awesome selection and a pool table.
Went diving at Balicasag Island and the wild life was on point!
Maeghan catching up with a turtle.
HUGE coral
Our first time meeting Frogfishes, they change their colour to blend in. Oli didn’t see this guy and had to have someone almost touch it for him to see it nicely blended in.
Another Frogfish
Little Nudibranch beside the frosh fish and clown fish and amazing coral.
This coral pulses and is very trippy under the water.
Made another turtle friend in the shallows and this time he came up close with Maeghan, almost enough for a huge.
Then riding back after a great day and on to the next island. Two of the girls on the boat with us are from Montreal!

See more on our website www.alittledetour.ca🌏✈️👫

A Little Detour

Hi there! Maeghan & Oli here - we're taking a break to travel the world and hope you'll join us for the ride. 🌏✈️ 👫 www.alittledetour.ca

Our Little Detour🌏✈️ 👫

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hi there! Maeghan & Oli here — we’re checking in from our around-the-world tour. See pictures here, read content here 👉www.alittledetour.ca

A Little Detour

Hi there! Maeghan & Oli here - we're taking a break to travel the world and hope you'll join us for the ride. 🌏✈️ 👫 www.alittledetour.ca

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