A Little Detour
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A Little Detour

📸 —Quy Nhon & Hoi An, Vietnam

After Dalat and almost losing the GoPro, Maeghan got sick. We decided to hang out for 2 nights at a fancy luxury hotel in Quy Nhon. It had just opened two months prior, and we were literally the only guests there.

The beach was nice, and gave us some time to rest before heading to Hoi An (a group favorite). We stumbled upon the Blue Moon Lantern Festival where locals and tourists from around the world would gather by the river and light a candle to let lose in the current.

After a few days there we did something none of us had before, Easy Riding. Hanging out on a motorbike, enjoying the incredible scenery and stopping along the way to explore Marble Mountain and a few other unique stops along the way.

It was a highlight of the trip for everyone and a more memorable way to spend 5 hours driving opposed to sitting on a bus.

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Basket boats and fishing ships. At night they all light up and the ocean looks like the sky filled with stars.
Borrowed from Google — Squid Fishing boats by night.
Our luxury hotel had ok food, but we ventured across the beach to the hostel for a more lively surrounding.
Maeghan found a dog. His name was Polo.
This other dog appeared.. so we called him Marco. So that Polo had a friend.
Welcome to Hoi An!
There are these little water fountains everywhere with cute characters sitting around.
Oli didn’t rub his sun screen in very well…..
anytime is ice cream time.
Day tour with some easy scooter riders.
Basket boating.
A shrimp ring and flower in the hair.
Pierre learning how to fish.
Time for some easy riding from Hoi An 🏍 to Hue
Marble Mountain
Our easy riding captains. Young was the best 😎
Tom our leader was upset that he wasn’t in any pictures. What a face 🤓
Elephant Fountains.
Oli being serious on the bike.

See more on our website www.alittledetour.ca🌏✈️👫



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