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Our Little Detour🌏✈️ 👫
A Little Detour
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After Vienna, we planned a road trip through the alps and stopped over a few nights in various villages/towns along the way.

We started in Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart. It totally cracked us up that Mozart died before he was famous.. and yet every single store, building or bridge had been labeled after him or has a story about him.

Mozart lived in many different buildings, so there are many buildings you can go and visit that have been turned into museums. When Mozart was alive, it was a custom to burry the bodies of 7–9 people in the same grave when they passed to save on real estate… and since he died before he was famous… no one knows where he was buried… but you can go to the grave yard and see one of the many spots he could have been buried in. Among other quirky details :)

After Salzburg, we drove to Grockglossner Alpine Road and then on to Hallstatt (oh.. and forgot to mention we accidentally missed a turn and ended up in Germany for a few minutes… Europe is awesome) !!

Next, we’re headed to Slovakia to visit a friend and continue the european adventures!

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Working on the next video (Indonesia!) from the train
Our life in a backpack — and how cool is it that they have USB chargers on the bus!
Craft beer bar life.
Salzburg — the home town of The Sound of Music. For $90 you could rent a traditional outfit to walk around and take pictures for the day.
People flocked to all the areas the Sound of Music was filmed. We just walked around town and randomly would run into them.
The fortress that was built in the eighteen hundreds overlooks Salzburg
Mozarts birth home.
Oli can’t believe people love the Sound of Music this much.
Serious chess match, Oli is observing.
Oh hey there, Alps.

It’s hard to grasp this view. Its a 360 view of bright green grass, beautiful buildings, on top of the tallest tower of a fortress surrounded by the Alps.

Pano from my FujiFilm.
Listing to our audio tour of the Fortress — and the castle’s special resource… tons and tons of salt
On the left, that is a fire place / furnace
Downtown Salzburg

After walking around all day, we stopped at a monestary where it was traditional run by the monks, and you could buy a cheap wurst and litre beer.

We learned that a litre of beer is enough to have more than enough fun. 🍻

Now the road trip begins! And we were following the clouds the whole time.


The first snow we have seen / touched in almost a year! #4seasonsofsummer

We think the snow jinxed us… it started to snow..

The Grockglossner Alpine Road — you will see hikers, pedal and motor bikers, and most crazy sport car / vintage car rally’s all racing up the windy path to the top!

It’s official, Maeghan is a soft Canadian… can’t handle 4 degree weather.
The road down the other side of the peak.
On the way down.
Glacier pools that fill at the bottom of the mountains in the summer.

We stayed the night in Zell Am See, a small village in Austria. That night we walked around, and we notice something different: 90 % of people around us seem to come from the middle east and we were curious what brought them to this super small town in the middle of no where.

Picture from Google (we got there late and it was raining)

Well, turns out that in the Quran, heaven is described as a lake surrounded by mountains with snow peaks — exactly Zell Am See, in the background.

10 years ago, the city started promoting itself to the middle east — which attracts more than 70,000 visitors from gulf countries a year. Smart marketing!

Next day, back on the road heading to Hallstatt… then the crazy intense rain came. We were trying to get to Hallstatt for a morning hike and beat all the tour buses, but the weather wasn’t on our side.

Fun fact about Hallstatt, it is very popular with Chinese tourists. So much so, that in China, they build a life scale replica for those who can’t travel to Austria, or just want a quick visit to their favorite place.

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Our Little Detour🌏✈️ 👫
A Little Detour

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