📸 — St Andrews & Inverness, Scotland

After a historic tour of Edinburgh we headed up towards Inverness for some hiking! Along the way, we drove through St Andrews which is most famous for inventing golf… but caught our eye with an enormous ruin of a castle and cathedral!

Once we got to our Airbnb in Inverness, we enjoyed small town living and hiking some killer trails!

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Scottish breakfast with Haggis!
Stopped to check out St Andrew’s Cathedral & Castle
Theresa takes the best shots.
Stopped by a fisherman’s village — Neuk of Fife
Made our way to dinner — Maeghan ordered two desserts because she says “its a tasting and it’s classy.”
Road tripping along the Loch Ness — where we looked carefully for it’s monster!
Also how is this Scotland in November?!
Hiking the Loch Affric trail — 18 km around one of the Loch’s.

The path was really boggy at one point and the rain had made the river quite large — too large to cross. So we had to go up stream to some rocks and hop our way over.

Lunch break.

We had a few good nights in Inverness but on our last day, we realized we were RIGHT beside an Ice Cream parlour that was named the “Best in Scotland”!

Inside, we met a guy from Colorado who lived in Calgary, and had now moved Scotland with his family. We had a good chat while scooping some stellar flavours!

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