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A Little Detour

📸 — Stockholm & Älmhult, Sweden

This was Maeghan’s second trip to Stockholm, but first to Älmhult. We took a bit of a break since Norway was 3 weeks of non-stop adventure and tried to live a little more leisure time.

Our train ride from Oslo to Stockholm, then down to Älmhult took us across the entire country by train and it is a beautiful country with we think the most beautiful people we’ve seen so far.

During our time, we did some walking tours, visited the places Maeghan came, made some new friends and went to the IKEA museum. It was awesome, we are the cover of the 2019 magazine… and the meatballs were delicious.

See more on our website www.alittledetour.ca🌏✈️👫

Transit Oli
Planning Oli.
Oh deer.
Some stellar Vietnamese food in Sweden!
Walking around town, and found the Google Digital Academy — free courses for Sweds on digital presence and marketing
A bouncy park all made out of tires.
Beautifully preserved building.
Like… do you get to rent a husband that brings you food?!
oh another oh deer!
lots of hanging art between buildings.
The Canadian flag! The Sweds like to separate their roads from their walking paths — and designed this one specifically to protect pedestrians.
Nobel Peace building. Alexander Nobel was the creator of Dynamite and then donated his money to a fund that awards the various prizes.
Sweden is under major construction to modernize and make space for more corporate offices, parks and living spaces.
The world’s first bank. In a nice and new building.
Not really sure why Maeghan took this photo.. it is of the opera house… but its terrible.

Stockholm is hilly, and they are trying to make it more flat and easy to walk around. So they built these tunnels that sing when you yell loudly….. or at least we realized if you yell loudly it plays musical harmonies :)

The presidents house is the white one with the red dividers.
Left photo: Maeghan took on her first trip. :)
City Hall — where the Nobel Peace Prizes are awarded.
An ancient look at how to use the iPad.
Royal Palace
Walking through the colourful streets and ally ways
Left: 2018 Right: 2009
Walking through the shopping mall
mexican dinner

Stockholm has the world’s longest art exhibit under ground! It’s throughout the metro and was done to encourage the community to take the train since people were afraid that the new means of transport was unsafe. 🚇 🌈 🎨 The goal was that the art would bring them in, and they would also see how safe the train would be.

Maeghan told Oli to go put his nose against the art because it was a good picture.. and made him stand there for 10 min while she took this photo… LOL
The designers won an award for best architecture and the award is hung in the subway for all to see.

In Sweden, you were not allowed to have any other design or architecture different than the standard. But there was this house with wealthy owners that collected roman art pieces and designed there home in a way that clearly stood out from the rest.

Their home was “mysteriously” burnt down… and the government sized all their art work. Decades later, when the metro was being built.. they decided to take the art work and put it on display at the Kings Garden station.

Oli’s new life goal is to visit all of the Mikkler bars in the world.

I found out IKEA HQ was on our way to Denmark and begged Oli to go…. this company is so inspiring, creative and fun… I just loved our time there!

They are in a small town called Almhult and they have a IKEA Hotel, the largest IKEA store, IKEA HQ and the IKEA Museum for all to come and visit.

And….. we’re on the cover of IKEA’s 2019 catalog!!!! ☺️

Well.. anyone who visits the museum gets a professional photo shoot with their mug on the cover page 😉 But it was pretty special and I’m so stoked to buy an IKEA frame and hang our picture on the wall!!! Or my desk.. OR BOTH!

In the HACKED section of the museum, they had some fun stuff including original store product reviews
Restaurant — so fancy and the meatballs were delish!
Maeghan’s favorite chair — the Poäng
Seeing IKEA through the ages.

See more on our website www.alittledetour.ca🌏✈️👫




Hi there! Maeghan & Oli here - we're taking a break to travel the world and hope you'll join us for the ride. 🌏✈️ 👫 www.alittledetour.ca

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Our Little Detour🌏✈️ 👫

Our Little Detour🌏✈️ 👫

hi there! Maeghan & Oli here — we’re checking in from our around-the-world tour. See pictures here, read content here 👉www.alittledetour.ca

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