A Little Detour📸 Tikal & Flores, Guatemala

So the Mayan’s are pretty bad ass. They built crazy civilizations BC, before the Inca’s, before the Aztecs and before building big alters was cool. They built their empire from limestone (which is why most structures are so soft and most have crumbled) and essentially used all the resources from the forest until there was no forest left to continue building with… and then the Mayan’s disappeared… and no one knows what happened to them.

Flores is a small town an hour away from the Tikal National Park and we got to visit the ruins that were buried in the new jungle that grew after the Mayan’s abandoned their home.

We also went to the place where Star Wars a new hope was filmed… so our inner nerd was freaking out 😉

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Had issues checking in to our hotel — but we made it.
Tikal National Park
Marsha and I doing a stair day.
Temple III
In front is a ruin that the jungle grew on top of.. only 10% of Tikal is maintained for viewing. The trees and grass break down the ruins still buried.
Let’s build tall buildings out of a soft substance… because its slippery, doesn’t hold well.. but looks cool.
Playing with miniture mode on our camera.
All the towers have carvings in them. We learned to count and some of the designs.
Where Star Wars was filmed.
Pulled the above two pictures from Google — Filming Starwars & strange photoshop!
Goodbye Tikal!
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